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Just another poll to help me determine what it is you wish to receive from this forum. Thanks.



you made me difficult to pick one…

i’m a bit blur now, after working overnight, no rest for more than 24 hours,
so confuse now…



For me, definitely industry advice, questions like “where the hell do i start in getting a job” LOL !!

The inner workings and “tricks of the trade” are the things i think about these days.

I think learning the tools is and always will be an ongoing thing, once you reach a level of competence then its time to get a job.



Didn’t stop me :wink:

If only we could get some legends past to come and do guest posts on that subject… people like Steven Walker (the man who got me into 3D in the first place and EI in the second place).


I know Steven Walker personally. I can’t give you any guarantees he’ll post, but I’ll give him a shout.



Is that from Reality Check?

I’ve had a couple of email conversations with him, top bloke.


That is a tough pick. I think this forum would be a great place to share techniques and get images critiqued. While keeping the interest for the EI users but also generating new interest from non-users by showing what EIAS can do and the strengths it has to offer.

Kudos on getting this going Brian.



I really think that every thing in that list should be put onto this forum. I would also like to see an EIAS challenge like a weekly or mouthy where we can see how over people are doing similar things and discus the choices that they made. And just generally help push EI abilities onward. If you could get people that used EI for films and thing to talk about using EI in big screen production that would be Emoting good :beer: :beer:. Or any other aspects of it really.


EIAS is a great package but many of the tutorials and sample projects are quite out of date or non-existent. For instance, I’m learning Maya and one of the great things I love about it is how easy it is to set up weighted constraints (they have a tutorial that has a crane pick up a crate, the crane boom rotates, and the crate’s put down and the boom lets go). Well, I was fishing through the Animator manual and found a section on weighted constraints in EIAS. It was a snap, but I never knew it was there! I didn’t notice that in the latest features section and couldn’t find a tutorial for it.

Even little tips for things that can drive you mad like Control-Selecting a group in the Link Editor to apply settings to all the group’s children or offspring. Do you know how long it took me to find that little gem?

When I get extra time I’d like to submit some tutorials and it would be great to create a section for it. I think I’d be there every day.


Working on that… stay tuned.


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