Your first digital paintings!


okay, we got the abandoned stuff… lets post some more embarrasing stuff :slight_smile:

[b]Post your first attempts at digital drawing/painting.

[/b]Don’t be shy, we all know photoshop was hard in the beginning!

edit: Okay, the Art discussion-thread has been a little hijacked by 2d artists-- this thread is also open for 3d models and renders :thumbsup:


First digital colored paperdrawing. Paint shop pro, yeah I suck :stuck_out_tongue:
Sort of fan art by Luis Royo… with an elfen touch :shrug:

Jul 24 2002

Oh, and in case you wondered (i dont think you do) the background is a photo :stuck_out_tongue:
wooo, lensflares :smiley:

First wacom painting - Aug 2, 2003
tarja from nightwish, yeah I sucked :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


my 1st ever digital painting was a little alien done in MSPaint when I was about 11 but I can’t find that :frowning:

So here’s my 1st “proper” digital painting, done in Photoshop, for my AS art exam:

I printed it on a massive A0 sheet of acetate (black on nothing), mounted it over a sheet of red gel, stuck it on a huge light box the same size and showed it at my school’s art exhibition in a dark theatre with the light box turned on. it was pretty cool!


hey eparts dude , u listen to nightwish, cool and that really ain’t that bad a pic,
yea well compared to your work now, but hey, still ok


ah, yes thats true… I believe everyone here have used MS Paint … Looking forward to that :scream:


Squibbit: I did listen to them 3 years ago… I dont do that now! sorry, not my style anymore…at all. I was only 16 :sad:


I never … only ever had photoshop on PC…did try out Koala Painter on
Commodore 64 tho …

edit: I see , good music never dies on me , i never had a ‘style’, I just
always know what I like and nightwish is a great band :slight_smile:


oh god no! my hands are moving by themselves! stop slapping me!

right. this is the oldest digital 2d piece i could find. Its supposed to be Pug from Raymond E Feist’s Magician. I still want to do another rendition one day. one that im proud of =]

go the cloud filter!

and below is the earliest 3d piece i could find. its a my old sony cdwalkman i made inside and out in autocad of all things (rendered in 3dmax). im still proud of this one =]


My first digital painting ever (with the use of a pencil drawing):

First two from scratch:


hmm this thing is still on my website… why… lol… well thankfully, it’s labeled “very very very old” :stuck_out_tongue:


These were my first tries at painting in photoshop, with a mouse…yes I did go through a manga phase…

This piece is my first more realistic try at a painting…with a wacom tablet. I started this piece a few weeks ago I am yet to finish it…got a bit side tracked with other work.


my first EVER painting is the M&S challenge…I’m completely honest…check the progress you’ll believe me…the link is in my signature…


hehe, cha0t1c :slight_smile: congratulations !
I can only wish you good luck, but im afraid you will be runned down by technique :stuck_out_tongue: hope you got a lot of useful tips though :slight_smile: and draw a second one later :wink: the idea was cool


oh ofcourse…thats why its a challenge…

I’m workig on technique :argh: its a process however


Wow! You’ve got some good anatomy on those chaot1c1! Congrats!:thumbsup:


lol…Thank you greatly JM :smiley:

…My background is in figure studies, but I never painted before, so I had my difficulties in colours and tones :argh:

btw JM: That avatar is just so funny, it looks like its speaking :smiley: (man now I sound creepy :argh: ) runs and hides


My first shot at Wacom, a bit embarrassing but…


Heh, they’re not the very first of mine, I don’t think I have those around any longer. These are, however, rrrreaaallllly old and early. Probably around seven years old.


still very skilled back then, Linda! The dude with the heavy eyelashes looks quite cool.

His hand reminds me of something quite off topic:
Most boys have a shorter pointing finger than their ringfinger… and most girls got their pointing finger longer than their ring fingers… That discovery really scared me…

which leads me to a question… was that on purpose? It looks like the character has a longer pointing finger than his ring finger… making him the androgynious human? or just nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


Chaot1c1, I guess I’m in for some figure studies too then.
Lol, I did take care to find the right spot. It’s sort of looking at what I type, kind of creepy yeah…:surprised…ahem…

OK, I’ve recently dug my very first ones. I dno’t really have that many actually. And even less finished normal works. I’m green, really, really, green. And for starters I’d like to say that I don’t only paint women for the shear lust I have. I never liked backgrounds, too complex and not enough emotional content(in my works then). Female bodies imo are easier when it comes to muscles vs. fat, they’re smoother and generally seem more blanced when it comes to easthetics. It’s a good way to learn, :shrug:, I’m not kidding. Anyway…

  so this is the very first wacom, saved for sentimental reasons, 
  And this one is with compensation for bad mapping of the wacom's surface :rolleyes:, my newest best buddy wacom, :), yep, didn't watch the screen very well.
 And I've also found my very first 3d model. I still like it actually.:)

And this, just to show that with diligence there should be improvement, was the third ever. Without colour of-course because the second failed miserably.