your feedback would help me out


If you have a second to take a look at this, your feedback would help me out!

  • Mike


I could only watch it with no sound (in the office). I liked the eyebrows and gestures, the whole animation, but I didn’t like the setting and the lighting very much (too dark, too focused on the character, he seems to be somewhere, but I can’t tell from what I see). And maybe you want to move the guy in the background once in a while. Might make it more believable.


PS: Can someone move this thread into the 3D forum?


I thought it was well done, but I also agree the lighting is a little low. At the very least, I think you should have some backlight behind him, so you can see to top of his head.

But, as for movement and sound, the rest seem very fluid and natural. Worked well!


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