Troll in a henhouse


4.5h on the red one and one hour on the gunman.
hope u dig.


Sorry this is in pencil. If that violates the rules, you can pretend it’s simulated pencil from Painter.


heres mine for ‘lust’:)2 and a half hours photoshop painting


i searched the vastness of my harddrives and back-ups and found 2 daily sketches, which i personally like the best…

#69 "steam driven flight" -  this was my very first participation on the dsf back in 2004, before this sketch i was kind of a longtime lurker... so this pic has an great personal value to me and i still love the colors and the child-book-flair...


#112 "shark attack" - i think this was exeptional a really good idea i had to an dsf topic... i always wanted to do an high-res version of this one, but my laziness foiled the plans...:)


a trillion big thanks to roberto for running this wonderful forum tireless and keeping it alive... it's always a great pleasure to do a daily sketch!

so keep the doodles coming…
best wishes


my best drawing done last year :slight_smile:



Hope i’am in the right forum daily sketch,
and if i not please delete my image,
this is a sketch i did a few years back,one of my best.
It is 100% cotton paper with lead pencil
size of image 14x15 inch.
all comments are welcome


hi,there is mine.


Hi all.
This is my first sketch and my first 2D work :slight_smile: …and I just surprised myself :smiley:

[b]The Black Century[/b]


Genius Tablet + Photoshop and about 2 hours.


Hi! This is a pencil drawing of Andrea sleeping, that I’m very fond of. I hope you guys like it.


As for me, it’s very lovingly! :thumbsup:
Technical skills no comments :slight_smile:


30minute sketch, traditional techniques and little photoshop CS3


hai ,this my first sketch to cgtalk…


It’s my first Sketch too I made it in a week end I will say 10 hours work on it.
I did a fast drawing but tried to made a good painting !



I did it recently …direct in photoshop … guess this is my best sketches sofar:)

A Search in the Fog…




c&c Most welcome


A sketch of a squirrel at first but i start to felt he need something more than just being cute.
there you go…beware!
It was my first thread in here.
medium photoshop and was done in about an hour half. enjoy


er some fault


heres a batman painting i did in PS


Just Finished my painting today.