Two of mine!

CgTalk Daily Sketch 392 REDESIGN THIS: “Bladerunner”(Classics of SCIFI)

CgTalk Daily Sketch 408 “Suicidal pets”


this is my first sketch post in cgtalk
spend 30mins using ps with custom brush
nice to meet you all!

(By the way, how do i show my sketch in full scale in the post instead of a thumbnail?)


Sketch of one of my dearest friends using
Painter, Photoshop and my Intuos 3

Hope you like :hmm:


I’ve only done three, so here’s my favorite of them from Red Sun (1023).


30mins/photoshop cs
title: sci-fi lab


this is a little experiment. I tried out to combine the layer options and that Verlaufswerkzeug (don’t know the english name of it, but anyhow, its a coloring tool, somehow…)


Easter Bunny: Neil Gaiman Style, originally 55 Mins but I went back and added more environment to the pic afterwards. Done in Paiter and Photoshop with my Intuos 3.


here are my two pages


this is not really a sketch, i spend a few hours on it


Hi, this is a sketch that i made just for fun, with pencils, i spend some hours on it.


3hrs // Photoshop
Just experimenting color.


Hi, a simple sketch of a ninja.


like the Ninja very much. It looks very strong and dangerous :thumb:

a seamonster - a young one :smiley:


photoshop cs2 … used a photo for the texture


[left]First post :smiley: A quick sketck(charactiture) and PSing of comedian Bill Bailey.[/left]


A cartoon spooky house. Drawed on Illustrator. Colour and textures on Photoshop.


A tree design for a 2D concept illustration. Used Photoshop.


this was made for the daily sketch forum, topic was “lone violinist”


here’s mine


quick sketch