Impressive stuff here in this thread.
Some old OLD OOOLD stuff from me:

Had fun kicking Enaylas ass with this one:

Keep it up Roberto!


asian temple in snow storm, 2h.


Gorgeous Work Raphael.

May I? First time poster of sketches. Some Zoo studies, sketches, life drawings. C&C’s welcome.


Love all the great worK. I am trying to get more disciplined in my drawings. I tend to draw all the time but finish quickly. Here is a little charcoal I did at a coffee shop. About 10 minutes.


Strange girl…


baby robot vrs jedi, 2 hours… :wink:


sorry for posting in the wrong section.


Baby head… 30 minutes


Dad with kid, one hour, ps and wacom…


DS: 860
45 minutes. Photoshop + Wacom
“The Kid You Don’t Want To Give Candy To”
(Halloween) :smiley:

DS: 875
3 hours. Photoshop + Wacom


about 1 hour,photoshop:rolleyes:

just trying to make this skateboard look like a window:)


I would also like to draw very good , here in the next year to share their works and do not know tell me how to make their work? I ask you to be so under the new ~ ~


DSG 491 - “I am late”


My best sketch so far, made in Corel Painter IX.


These are great images everyone!


The man where is he, he himself donot know,


this is a new planet…


I did this image thinking about lately I’ve only focused on drawing cute stuff, but now that I feel like doing more scary stuff it just gets weird :slight_smile:
This image took me maybe 1 hour or so… I was drinking my morning coffee.

I am very new to this society, I still don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place or even if my image was included now so…errm… I hope it works.

You guys have some really great stuff here, honoured to be able to look at your artworks.

I especially like fast scetches of buildings where the focus is on light and shadow rather than structure…


check this out sky i made for a website bg


I did this in photoshop. It took about an hour.