the claw. pixar meets disney.

can I keep it.





Some very nice work on here.
Here are my offerings -


hi sumthing i did in my free time …


Faceoff: I like the way you put that beard down, and the nice wrinkles! :thumbsup: Even this whole thread is amazing and veery inspiring! :slight_smile:

My thingy:

‘She’s Dangerous’

Reason to be ‘a bit proud of it’, is that it was the first time shading went in a natural way. Before I always used a mirror, and tried to find the best shading in that way, but this time it went with lots more fun (more natural, automatically finding the right shapes)!


Dutchman : hey thnks a lot man …much appriciated …:smiley: …n yeah i agree…there’s sum really amazing stuff i’m seeing on this thread …



I think this is a toughie, but I’m pretty sure I got some votes on these 2 - never have gotten a daily sketch win, though! :frowning:

Halloween - Norman Rockwell Style

Tribute to Christopher Reeve

If you are interested, have serveral more of my favorites online at:


Do I need to join this group, or can I just post?


Welcome DGK. This thread is for sketches that you’ve already posted in this forum so go ahead and participate in one of the topics (The Dark, Fire in the Sky, etc.) and then post that work here since it will be your best work so far. :thumbsup:


here’s my image depicting the dance in indian muvies. program used->photoshop


45min, classic paper and pencil +a little ps


picnamne: hate (45 min, classic paper and pencil + a little ps)


I love sketching movie characters!
This is one i tried to sketch before going to bed after a whole day of training!
CC very welcome. Love the job and dedication of all of you guys!


A devil, a dad, his son, and a monster!..Fill in the blanks!!!:slight_smile:


nice to c lots of good work–


[left]Hello everybody, am a beginner on this network & this is my first digital painting. I always wanted to get my hands really well on digital painting as i have great passion and keen interest in all kinds of arts specailly traditional art…The software i used is Photoshop with the Genius tablet size 5 x 4… n i painted this scene in a couple of hours with a few breaks… I would love to have some honest feed back from all of ya.:bounce: [/left]



[left]Thought i should be playing more with it so i came up with this… Waiting anxiously for the feed back :slight_smile: [/left]



hi all , this is my first time post my sketches up , done withing 45 minute , no ref used .
just to test on compositing and style.
it showing a scence of a family was attacked by a giant insect like machine ><
critic welcome .


my backstreet yesterday night…


This is my first time posting in this thread. Here is my last practice session.