I haven’t participated in the DSG for ages, I should make a little time every day and be part of it again cause it’s great practise and…I kinda miss you guys :smiley:


Here are some I like…



Roberto - sorry to hear your having a bad day.

You say DSG is the highlight of your day - I think I can speak for all in saying that this great forum is a real highlight in our day as well (even if we don’t alway have the time to post - hey -some days can be just NUTS!).

Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into it!!!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:



If just one then I guess the first one.


Hope you’re doing better today, Roberto.

Here’s mine a little late:

And of course:


Samurai 2006

Rorshach Ink Blot

Roberto- Thanks for keeping this thread going, thanks to you I’ve been able to hone my skills quite a bit. I LOVE YOU ROBERTO!!!


Here ya go:)


here is one i like.

nice thread, this!!


Haven’t participated in some time, but I figure I can at least do this.

369: Caricature (Mark Snoswell)

I remember you mentioned you rather liked this one, so here it goes :stuck_out_tongue:
356: The Beast of Yucca Flats

Hope you’re feeling better, buddy.



Here’s a couple of mine - the most realistic ones:


Well I haven’t been here long but I suppose it’s this:

my personal favourite anyway!

I hope whatever was bad wasn’t too bad or ongoingly bad or… well anyway I hope its better now :smiley:


one from last year: ‘rage’


I managed to completely miss this thread for ages, but thought I’d throw in a couple - better lat than never :smiley:

DSG#??? (from 2005): Crop Circles

DSG#619: She’s Dangerous


only 21 posts since oct 2004… !!! hehehe

santa VS snowman



Hey Roberto when are we going to find out what you’re up to?


CgTalk Daily Sketch 723, improved version in digital medium.




“Me, myself and I: tell something about yourself” or something like that


These are all amazing…
sketch 474 “Icarus”

I also really like this from sketch 490, the collaborative experiment. It was done by Igor Sandman, rawwad, and myself (I probably contributed the least)


I never did paint the scales…