Hard to pick, some I just like better, while some were technically better. And fancy text work!

Roberto, none of this art on this post would exist w/o you! You rock, if you ever need a kidney or something, let us know.

I’m Just Hoping the " Worst Of " post isn’t tomorrow.


These are some amazing entries - it’s cheering me up too!

I am sorry you are having a bad day :frowning: I’m a woman, so I doubt my methods of getting back in a good mood would help – but… umm… good luck :slight_smile:


[left]That was “stronghold”. Not the best… but amused me to no end.[/left]

[left]Monster under the bed. Posting fairly old art because I had hosting back then and I’m just waiting for that website to roll over and die.[/left]


Cheers Roberto. :slight_smile: Could always play some videogames to steam off, large scale manslaughter in ones safe corner can sometimes be very gratifying.


Well i’m new here to both cgtalk and tha sketch contest so i dunt have mutch…but this one is my favorite so far…

“They only come out at night”

Is there a specific reason your asking us to post these up?

I hope you feel better.


ten characters :slight_smile:


I don’t have much time to sketch those days, but I can at least find the time to post old ones ^^ Even more if you seem to need it.

SoD 593 - “September”

SoD 596 - “My Favorite Holiday”

Couldn’t chose between those 2 ^^


Here’s my sketch :slight_smile:


Well, here are mine: dragon slayer and ganster monkey


I haven’t been a long time contributer to the daily sketch threads- here’s one from 705: ‘When I grow up I want to be a…’

…little taller.

Currently in the process of turning this one into a finished piece, on the advice of my wife Sandra, who likes it because it’s different to what I normally do.


I always seem to like the sketches I’ve done recently better, and my favourite invaribly changes with my mood. Anyway

Nostalgia, 2hr / GIMP


Heheh, look who I’ve found in some corner of my HD… It’s Kirt :smiley:

And a very old one…


My favorites…


oh… hello Art2!




Alice… you just can’t leave it alone, can’t you?



HEy Roberto,

sorry I did not see this earlier, but if you need a cheer just yell.

Hoorray for Roberto!


“ferry to the dark lands”

“the small ones make for better eating”


I guess that’s my best one:


Its an older one, and i even feel some of newer ones could be better. But I think this one has more emotion–can still remember how it felt to paint it.