looking for constructive criticism

my portfolio


Hi, this is my first time on the sketch of the week and I hope you like it.


The Pilgrim


This is something that I sketched this week. I was thinking about all those people I know who are always talking but are never really saying anything.


This is only my third attempt at drawing with a pen tablet, though I’ve been drawing and painting for over 50 years. I supported my horses doing portraits of other people’s horses, and the other horses’ people. I am grateful to the fantasy industry for giving me an outlet for my realistic style.


My favorite from my sketches is the latest one I drew. I learn more and more as I do these sketches. It forces me to learn new techniques and more of a specific area, instead of just boring myself to death with one subject. Thank you so much for doing this for us.



How do i get to join these challenges??how do i know which is active?and whats up with this 40min time line?


I’ve only just returned to this after a three year hiatus, but here is how it works.

In the title of each topic is a number, that number tells you how new it is, and the time given is how long you spend on it, or at which point you post your progress. I generally stick to the last seven topics when I miss them, unless there is a specific topic that really grabs my attention.

Happy sketching!


here is my rough sketch… been thinking to apply joke’s makeup to a girl, the results is not so bad to me… lol


speed painting at my work in free time with mouse.


i like the blurry pixel-like style and the colours!

from me very fast scribbles, but they whet my appetite…


nice jobs!
i like the left page!
good luck :slight_smile:


Quick Sketch from imagination.


It has been a very long time… back then, when I was young.
Cool, that the DSG still exists :beer:

Best one: Ferry to the dark lands.

Honorable mentions:

Shadow deamon



I can do better than that.


Drew this from a photo reference. I’ll post some more later, don’t want to clutter this thread.

Most of my current work is digital, but I still pick up the pencil and paper from time to time.


Made this for a game my school is doing


This is my best one so far using a “Quick Lines, Quick Paint” mixed style.

Link To Full Size Image

My intent is to develop a style that is great for “roughed in ideas” so my other teammates can launch off of them and do the “real concepts”.