Smelly big feet


Did this a few days ago one evening during a few beers. Forgot to drink the beer though.

Photoshop, about 4-5 hrs.

EDIT: woopsie. I missed the rules here. Thought it was any sketch done during a day. Sorry.


I post this instead. The theme was “Pure evil”.


Hi all :D. im first time upload my sketch in here. im new here


Unfortunately I had no time to finish the drawing. However, hope you like it. Greetings


Man, some of the things called sketches here are way more than that to me. (well and others aren’t :slight_smile: ) I’ll contribute if I come up with something but generally don’t do a lot of sketching in any medium. (Of course some of my finished pieces might be considered “sketches” based on some of the ones posted. :slight_smile: ).


Here is one :slight_smile:


Nice Prinova. What medium is this? Looks like charcoal or graphite, but a bit like watercolor…


Thanks Kenny, it’s HB pencil, but i used my finger for blending :stuck_out_tongue:





this is mine. Worked about 30 minutes with wacom and The GIMP.


O my god. I need to enter the party


hey this is my sketch for halo fanart… i just did this on a sunday afternoon… critiques welcome :slight_smile:


Not my favorite but my oldest, from Daily Sketch #1, the very first day we got going.

This one is one of my favorites…


my cartoon sketch


15 mins - am supposed to be doing something else but just discovered this forum and had to join and submit something


Here’s mine!

He’s an archer of an ancient and profound, yet very lifeful, forest. The Green Bulbs Forest.
His tribe are the keepers of the foret’s bulbs. Each bulb contains a soul of a living plant.

His morpholy makes him a pretty tough fighter, although he’s ranged type. He shoots not really fast, but he can pierce a tree with an arrow…!
His bow has an eye to increase the shooting accuracy, and detect the hiding assasins. It can also scan the heart of anyone and feel if you are friend of the Forest…or not!


Well, I’m trying to get back on track again,… my latest sketch after a long time with no sketching.


Mine as well ^^


worked on this mainly yesterday morning, and some more this morning, practising digital painting as most all my previous work has just been anatomy and figure sketches