I don’t think I’ve posted in this topic before… here’s mine. It’s been a long long time since I’ve participated. I don’t think I’ve done a sketch since like… before sketch #200something.

This is from the topic “Firestorm.” I forget the number. I did it in PS with a Wacom tablet.


With visual help on how to draw a dragon at


Here are some recent sketches I’ve done in my spare time. (pics of sketchbook pages)

Ship Concepts

Four-legged Robot Concepts


I did this a few days ago to try ink over pencil lines. My lines don’t come out as smooth but it’s much better for scanning I think.


And everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon…there’s no dark side of the moon really,as a matter of fact,its all dark…


This is a Clown I drew last night, It’s my first post on any forum on CGtalk, I just opened an account 3 minutes ago, so technically it is my best sketch but I will hopefuly be submitting many more as I draw them. I sketched this with col erase pencils then added colour in photoshop and autodesk sketchbook…

And I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach a picture!

Hasn’t come up on my computer how about you?

its hosted on deviant art here…

How do you fix it so the pic comes up in the post?


What do you think?


Hi, this is a 20min sketch for the title of tower undersiege, wish u will like it.


my sketch of a girl name Love


Speedart with the use of photoshop brushes


Beware! Work behind you! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys gr8 work…keeep posting:)



hello 2all from Slavonic country named Russia :slight_smile:

im forgott for cgtalk, in view of some work and education problems. And now a shell try to return again at this beautiful place =)

So that my “first” post with this fine character :slight_smile:


Sviatko best! =) Love this.

Aaaaannnddd one more from me =)


any body home? 0_o


Nice one, Jakubik!


Here’s a Sketch … drawn with ink Marker, colored in Photoshop
(LOBO is a Trade Mark of DC comics) …

Thank u


how do you feel in the morning?


bondgirl 90 mins in ps


this is mine, Daily Sketch #175 - Visions of Russia,

here’s the link, photo reference used, got me voted as the favorite sketch from the topic :slight_smile: :