Young Princess, Antropus (3D)


do you mind explaining how you did this? like how exactly you started with doing this?

was it with zspheres or was it just a 3dsphere. if it was 3dsphere, what settings did you start with?

any chance of seeing the wireframe to see how the mesh is? [how many poly’s]. Is the model animatable?

just those few questions. Other then that, I love the “painting”. It seems like something outta the ren. era.

also interested in how you made this “custom” bevel tool.

Sorry for the newbie-ish sounding question relating to zbrush.

Modelling in Zbrush is one of my weakness. So I hope you can help me out here. heh.


beautiful work and custom brush^.^ maybe i could borrow that custom brush;)



though I agree with Leigh about the canvas look:bowdown:


I’m going to agree with Leigh on the texture you gave it…I’d rather see something like a brush stroke texture on it …other than that…no crits…simply great:)



Wonderful job and an excellent idea! Very inspiring.

My only critique would be the eyelashes seem a bit too perfect, too consistent.


Wow Leigh! Thanks a lot for the plug. I’m in love with 2D/3D possibilities too :love:

Ac0rN, sergage and Cararan
many thanks buddies!

Atwooki, McSpirit and memento
thanks for your comments guys! I’ll try to improve this details.

no, my friend. Zbrush for modeling (first pic) and lots of photoshop touchs. I agree with you, because ZBrush ROCKS!!!
Thank you.

wow! hehehe. Yeah man, I’ll post some images of the “making of” in few minutes (maybe an hour).

I’ll upload my entire library of brushes (including the ones made for my short movie wip). But before, I’ll post my another paint, just like that. So you guys can download and have fun :wink:

thanks. Because my intention is to send this (and the another I’m doing) for Exposé II, maybe I will remove the crackles… what you think guys? With or without crackles?

Many thanks to all! :applause:


wow !!!
cara mais uma vez sem comentarios :smiley: é bom acordar e ver isso no meu desktop
god work : D :applause:


Remi, Cometsoft and l3d_davi,
Many thanks for your comments and kind words!

Here some details inside ZBrush (1.55b version).
The image shows the ZSphere structure and the low poly generated. The red model shows the loops structure generated by ZSpheres intersections (in orange, green and yellow)


Inside ZBrush:


Inside Zbrush with texture used as base:


your sending this to pixologic right? you should im sure they would love to have you on there gallery to show other what this package can do. Amazing stuff, veeeery veeeery nice. :slight_smile:


Really nice!

  • Only thing I can think of is that the area right beneath her eyes are a bit flat. A bit more volume from the th eye globes would be even better.

  • The craquelur doesn’t really work in the closeups.


wow thats amazing that someone can do that, i wish i was that good :0


how dense is the mesh? Damn, I guess its not animatable :frowning: It appears you re-did the eyes later on? I know Zbrush doesn’t do that type of flow around the eyes…any insight?

I’ve been dying to figure out how to control good poly-count in zbrush so it can be used for animation purposes. Oh well, only the new version of zbrush will tell.


This is one of the best pieces that’s been up for the last week. It’s got a nice flow between the old and new styles.

Though frankly I think the most creative thing about it is the cracked paint look. That simple addition has basically nullified any criticism someone could have about the anatomy. Pretty much all those old paintings were naturalistic, so shape and shadow color now belong to your laws of physics.





Just a couple comments about it.
The hair seems really spotted and the white hairs that are put on top dont really seem to go well with it. It stands out too much. She looks way to young to have white hairs!

The ear needs to blend in more because I see the ear before I see anything else. It is almost a different color and seems to big to be on a person that seems so delicate.

Because of the way the light, I think she should have more light on her upper chest and neck. The shadow line seems a bit intense as well.

May I say that the eyebrows are perfect!! The shape of the eyes is awesome and the nose is very well done.


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