Young Princess, Antropus (3D)


My first 3D/2D here.

I made a Zbrush girl time ago. So, I improve my model a bit more and I decided to paint over the model in photoshop, trying to make a beautiful woman, maybe a princess. The jewels were modeled and rendered in Maya. Because this paint over (lots), I don’t know if this work fits better on 3D or 2D session :shrug:

So if you moderators wants to move this post for 2D session, no problem and thanks in advance.

My intention is to simulate something new with an old aspect. The general “taste” is classic. For that, she looks a bit “fat”.
New tools for “classic” art using both 2D and 3D tecniques.

I made a custom brush with a very small bevel trying to simulate some craquelure, to reinforcing the paint idea.

Original size: 2862x3522 pixels

I hope you enjoy.
Please, your CC are really welcome. Thanks.

Zbrush model with few adjustments:

Paint over:

I think it’s finished, but depending of your feedback, I can make some adjustments. Thanks again.


Great Work! The tip of her nose looks a tad too shiny, but other than that it looks like one of those old oil canvass paintings you see in museums!


Nice Job man! I really love it! You reach the objective, the image looks like a paint from the past. Maybe XVIII or XIX century. Amazing work.

Is good to see brazilians here:thumbsup:


wow!!! you never seize to amaze. you are a visual genius, a great inspiration…


Stunning. I think it should be moved on the front page man. It’s clearly piece of art.5 stars.:applause:


Hey! Thanks for your kind words, buddies! :slight_smile:

I think you are right. Maybe shiny is a bit over really.

Suggestions to improve the image are always welcome. Thanks.


Some details:


I cann’t believe it !! Sooooo wonderful!


The eyes are riveting, this should be on the front!


great job !
especially the mouth and eyes are made well. thats a stunning job you did. I agree that the nosetip is a bit too shiny. And those lighten curled hairs are a bit too regular. Anyway its great !:thumbsup:


ShakingColor and Clockwork,
many thanks!

yeah, I’ll reduce a bit this shiny. I agree with you, but curled hair and accessory are a little stylized in this work.

thanks :thumbsup:


I made the adjusments in her nose. Tell me if you think she’s better now. Thanks.


Ive seen this on 3d4all forum , outstanding work man :applause:


Totally superb, Antropus :slight_smile:

You’ve really generated the’craquelure’ feeling beautifully to get that ol’ ‘dried out oil effect’ :smiley:

Only crit (if remarkable at all), would be that the diffused lighting on the far side of her nose looks very slightly ‘greyer’ than I would expect… perhaps elevating the saturation slightly would help; tho’ I realise the difficulty here, in that you need to 'throw-back the rear edge of the nose plane, away from the front edge…
then again, maybe I’ve just been looking at too many ‘SSS’ images of late :wink:

anyway, great job; you’ve provided yet another benchmark for us all :slight_smile:



Wonderful work! As usual!


What a fascinating idea! I really like the combination of 2D and 3D (I’ll leave it in this forum though, instead of moving it to 2D).

Personally I am not wild about the filter you added to give it that painted canvas look, but the actual work you’ve done on this is really interesting and impressive.

Plugged on the front page :slight_smile:


Whoa thats detail. Excellent Paint job.


way cool model… but i dont really like the way the light hits the inside of her right nosedrill :hmm:

beside that you get a boucer :bounce:


Very good!!!
But since im an newbee I guess its my right to be an ass, so since I was looking for something not that great in this picture :slight_smile:
I think that it looks like she`s having some gray hair in her bangs and other spots in her hear, she just seem a little joung to have gray hair. :slight_smile:

Allrighty then!


wunderfull - did u model in zbrush from scratch and the 2d paintings are zbrush too? hmm so many ppl do zbrush stuff 2004 will become the zbrush year :slight_smile: