Young girl, Viki Yeo (3D)


one of the best cg faces Ive seen. Fantastic work !

The eyes are uneven, how intentional was this. I think it helps make the image more real but could you explain why you made them so uneven ?


***** + respect


oh poo thats definitely raising the bar… lovely piece, something slightly off with the nose, and the forehead hair…

Nice work with the eyes - the asymmetrical modelling helps make it more believable. Would love to see a breakdown of the process.


This is tip of my work.
thanks again.


ohh yes super job super cg girl


Awe-inspiring…Love the eyes and the cotton fuzz on the sweater…Great Stuff!


Beautiful :slight_smile:



This is really a great work!


Front Page stuff five stars from me.


wow this is really nice. love the shader.



That is absolutly amazing! I can only give you five stars, sorry…


yup, this is stunning, very skillful


Most inspiring work! The subtle asymmetry is excellent


Simply fantastical! 5*s!


Amazing!! F A N T A S T I C :thumbsup:


Something about the skin dimples makes it look slightly artificial, but other than that this is perfect.

5 stars.


wowwwww ,
this is amazing , why isnt this on first page ?
5 stars :buttrock:


Her really beautiful!

Nice render and textures



Incredible work!:eek:


excellent work, like everybody said you have done a fantastic render, 5 * for sure :slight_smile: