Young Eurasian Girl, Reiv (3D)


Here is my last picture, enjoy! :wink:

(Model & render 3dsMax5)


Simply Awesome! I love the texturing of her lips and skin.

I’m curious but is that supposed to be a tear running down from her eyes? Or is that make-up? Because if it is, it looks a tad bit painted and flat.

Otherwise I think it’s great!


Stunning work :beer:

Especially the lighting makes it good.


Looks like it’s front page quality. Nice job! :thumbsup:


Sooo cute :thumbsup:

Really good work !


Really nice, an interesting style.

The only thing I don’t like is the eyeshadow, there is too much. Looks like she’s been in too many fights.

All the best.


Looks very good indeed! :thumbsup:
The tears (lets assume they are) don’t look very natural or logical. If they would flow from the tearduct then…

But anyways, the girl doesn’t look sad and the “mood” doesn’t portray sadness.


the lightning work is awesome… and the skins is really realistic… but… bump of the lips is strange… they’re looks likes not real…

Isn’t it ?


Thanx for ur comments :thumbsup:
Yeah something was wrong in the bump map for the lips. I’ve fixed it :slight_smile:


really,really nice man!!!it has a really unique mood and i don’t see anything wrong with the bump mapping…

front page for sure


for a change i am seeing something new! and nice wrk! keep it up…love ur logo too! :beer: :wink: :thumbsup:


that’s very beautiful and moody.

I like it a lot.



Love it! If she was real I’d date her.


The texturing and style, I liked.

I agree with Frizzy that the tear drop should have more volume and some refraction would really leverage its look.


Originally posted by Dancing Monkey
Love it! If she was real I’d date her.

shes what like 10-12?

(good work nonetheless , altho not sure about the lighting looks underlit)


Is it meant to be a real human or stylised? Because if it’s real then the proportions need some tidying up. Either way she looks a bit shrivelled up, think it’s the lightning and her face shape + heavy textures.

I mean technically great work texturing, modeling etc, but, don’t know, looks a bit freaky to me.


That’s beautiful man. Good work…only thing that I noticed was the the highlight on the rt. eye is not as bright as the left eye…and it’s a little lower. Did you mean to do this? Anyways…that’s just nit-picking, it doesn’t take away from the mood/quality. It looks incredible.


that hair is very good.
nice job…like it.


very nice! beautifull :thumbsup:

I really enjoy the lightning!!

coud we have a wireframe of the scene please?


:eek: my god thats amazing! the lighting is fantastic!!!