Young chimpanzee, hyejin moon (3D)


Nice work:applause:


Awesome work man :thumbsup:


Awesome, when I saw the thumbnail on the front page i thought you are doing a tribute to MJ… :slight_smile:


very very cute.
its looks so lovely

hats off


It’s amazing.Very nice.


Geat work! Love mimic!


Wow! Love it. His so cute. Reminds me of me as a boy! Lol! Brilliant work:thumbsup:


Truly amazing and really like the pose too:)


Any chance of seeing a breakdown? Your skin shader and clothing are next to none! Great job.


Perfectly done… It look so cute…:thumbsup:


Feel a very nice work!I like!


wow… funny, it looks like he’s channeling Michael Jackson to me

Great tweeks on the skin


I really love this monkey .
You putted some in it .

I would only enhanced this picture contrast and add a little bit more specualr in the eyes .

But hey, it’s not mine ^^
And this work is already really good :thumbsup:

Congrats :slight_smile:


Marvellous work. Would make a great album cover :wink:


I’d kill for some info on the skin and hair.


Very nice pose with the hands crossed and an especially great job with the hair on the arms.


Very Good Work
I Love It


Fantastic work! …looks very realistic, that expression is great:thumbsup:


The thumbnail looked like a photograph, and the large version is pretty close. Awesome work:thumbsup:


It’s original. It’s got plenty of personality and it’s beautifully excecuted. Very well done indeed sir!