you picked up the --wrooooong-- bed monster., Aamir Art (3D)


Amazing ,love it , i got Cgsociety Award.
Thank you soo much


It’s kinds of funny and the details are awesome… Only one question - which software from start to finish - Please

And Congratulations for “The Award” - You deserve this mate :thumbsup:


Congratulations my friend


Thanks brokenpixels ,I start in little bit in zbrush and all done in maya ,mental ray.
Thanks wandongxu


Congratulations on winning a CGChoice award for this piece! You’ve won a years’ free CGSConnect membership which will be applied to your account within 24 hours.

Thanks for everything you post and contribute :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Buscat :slight_smile: .


Such a lovely scene. Very good lighting.


Wow! Funny and fantastic! :thumbsup:


Thanks marcelhauck
Thanks mimirgon1982


I love the style, nice and bold!



great work :thumbsup: