you picked up the --wrooooong-- bed monster., Aamir Art (3D)


Title: you picked up the --wrooooong-- bed monster.
Name: Aamir Art
Country: United Arab Emirates
Submitted: 13th January 2014

Illustration by Skottie Young.
you picked up the wrooooong bed monster because i am not the one!
modelling ,texturing,lighting and look development by me.
its huge :slight_smile: fun working on it.

I hope you like it



double attached sorry


Thanks for Editor’s pick


This is hilliarious and brilliant work at the same time. I would love to have this as a poster :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot Latter


Veeery good executed! Interesting idea, a lot of details, beautiful render!


Thanks yuriki


Deserves an award!


Thanks sergiofilho


Haha, I love the concept! Well done!


Thanks JonathanLampel


wow thats a great illo!


great work!!!


Thanks poked
Thanks wandongxu


Amazing work… Love the style and concept, the colors and light are really awesome! Nice job.


Thanks VictorCastro3D


Oh what an Awesome piece man!
I love everything in it, from character design and expressivity to final rendering and colours.

Beautiful and funny story-telling image!! 5*


Thanks a lot ramonesFAN


This is too great I can’t even take it, agree with the poster!


Thanks a lot miketackle36