YOU LOT, Lukas Hajka (3D)


Title: YOU LOT
Name: Lukas Hajka
Country: Slovakia
Software: Maya Photoshop VRay Yeti Zbrush
Submitted: 1st June 2014

Finished…at last! Not sure what to say about this one, that hasn’t been said already in the WIP thread_
Perhaps a huge THANKS for all the support!


link to the hires version : click

link to the animation :



Excelent project and amazing details


BIG congratulations Lukas!

This is so amazing I can’t describe it by words.

Standing ovation CG hero!


How is this not at the Editors Showcase forums yet?! At the very least…

This is absolutely amazing. Everything here is really top notch. Skin shader is gorgeous, hair is super believable and blends with the head perfectly! And that cloth, awesome detailing!

For those of you who don’t know about the WIP thread:
Very inspiring stuff!

Fantastic job, man! This really needs to get noticed by the editors soon…



I too don’t understand how this is only in the latest work section. Can a mod please explain the reasoning to us? At the very least it should be in the editor showcase. This is better than loads of pieces that have even received a CG Society Award! Especially the stuff that has been getting awards here lately…

What’s going on here? Maybe the mods think it’s a photo composited on a backplate? :wink:

Anyways to bring this to the mods attention?


I totally agree with you Jonathan!

ehehe… That explains it!

For those who didn’t saw it yet… here’s the WIP!


No moderator over here to give this work the place it deserves??

Shameful :sad:


Awesome work! :bowdown:
I found your WIP-thread very inspiring and hope you get a CG Choice Award for this.


Great work!
I agree, it’s difficult to understand why this is overlooked…


thanks for the support


Great work! :slight_smile:


fantastic work!!! i have follow your wip thread …thanks for so many information! :applause:


Awesome work Lukas, I’ve been over your 29 pages of your process, the knowledge and outcome are jaw dropping. want to ask you a question though, about those dirt maps that you are baking for the teeth and for the skin. It is a really good idea and I love it since you don’t have scattering calculating where you dont need it but I've tried and I cant figure out how to bake an AO dirt texture in Maya. Theres a python script I got from creative crash, but that one isn't working as well. Please can you elaborate on how you bake the AO texture, I really need it because Im working on this bust that I wan’t to have the effect on (I have 3 UV tiles as well, is that gonna be an issue). Again love your work, you are an inspiration Lukas, thanx for all the info you are laying out here, really appreciate it :slight_smile:



if you’re using vray, than its just a simple one click process.


Why this brilliant works not getting CG Society Award?

This is great masterpiece! :bowdown:


You are one bad boy! hehehe Great lukas and always inspiring! :smiley:


start rant/

Seriously!! Especially with all of the crap that has been getting an award lately. Any joe schmo seems to be getting an award now. This used to be a place where only the best of the best got a CG Choice Award and it was the highest honor of any website, and now the flood gates have opened and any crap “art” is getting the spotlight while something like this piece-that has clearly had more work, talent, and thought put into it get’s nothing. I have a folder on my drive where I’ve place every cg-choice award into it to have has inspiration, and I haven’t done it to the last 2 dozen pieces because they aren’t even close to being inspirational or the best or even close to the quality of what has been given an award to in the past. (Don’t worry lucas, you’ve made it to my folder a few times with this piece :beer: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Whatever change in policy that has happened needs to be fixed. But maybe they just got tired of people complaining that it’s too hard to get an award so they’ve stopped caring-which would explain why this piece has been passed over. I’d like to hear an explanation at least of what has been going on-but I’m sure they’ve got their hands full with just running a website like this… It’s a sad day indeed.

Again, amazing work. You are an inspiration, no matter what a website may/may not recognize.

/end rant


c’mon dude don’t be like that.

just because some other works that you don’t fancy too much are getting an award doesn’t mean they’re crap. that’s not cool


You’re, right. Apologies to lukas and the mods. I shouldn’t have vented my frustrations in that manner on this forum. Thanks for the insight.