You know you've been too long into CG when...


…you try to adjust your weight by painting weightmaps on your skin.

…seeing old people you ask them what displacement map they used.

…you tell your local barkeeper that you want a glass with an IO of 1.7.

Your turn people! :eek:


…your family tree can be represented by a doubly-linked list!


…when you see real-life reflection on cars or office buildings that look too clean, and think ‘amateurs!’


when you’re driving and you think the texturemap on the road could have been tiled a bit better.


Instead of just turning something you rotate it on the y axis.:smiley:


…you wake up at 3:00am screaming from nightmares of intersecting polygons.:scream:

…you actually know what SIGGRAPH stands for.


…you’re 106.



ehm… when I wanted to hit the ctr-z shortkey when I had to do some markersketches?


… you only brush one side of your teeth because the other side is an instance.

… you think the sun is a cheesy directional light with way too many lense flares.

… you have succesfully reduced the world and its contents into four categories: textures, models, animation and lighting.

… you then wonder how God managed to model, texture, animate, light and render the world in 7 days considering his excessive use of GI.

… you ring up Intel and AMD asking about the creation of the world and what new processors they have which may support this.


…you now only stare at the opposite sex to work out how to model them.

…washing the dishes becomes a meditation on raytracing and liquid dynamics.

…your retina have dead pixels burned into them.

…you can have philosphical arguements with other people about what the better software package is.:stuck_out_tongue:

…you feel no shame in saying you spent half a day tweaking a fur shader.

…your desk is piled high with toys.:smiley:

…you can remember the “good old days” when the Amiga was king.


ehm… when I wanted to hit the ctr-z shortkey when I had to do some markersketches?

Does this happen to anyone else??

Whenever I’m drawing, any accidental slip of the pencil/pen automatically triggers the “Ctrl+Z” part of my brain, and I just kind of pause for a second, and slooowwly manage to just reach for my eraser instead… :slight_smile:


Here’s a classic few for you all:

danimat0r: Yup, I did it the other day packing my bag. I decided to reorganise some stuff then suddenly wanted to “revert to original”. Scary.



…when forget your sisters b-day, but not when the next ugrade of XSI is released.


Danimator, it happens to me sometimes but with other things like when I spill cofee or something. Sometimes I’m watching the news and when I can’t understand something or simply want to see something again, I feel like pressing the REW button… hehehe in fact I did it before. This comes from the old days when I got Jurasic Park and couldn’t understand how they made so believeable dinasors, I saw that movie so many times then, actually I analized every single frame of that movie and it’s what got me into CG. I know it’s freacky but nowadays I “read” C++ code like if it was poetry and Mel Scripts are words of wisdom.

OK now I have to go detoxicate myself.:surprised


the [ctrl][z] thing is really annoying… whenever i make any kind of mistake, just hit [ctrl][z] oops… damn i can’t… but yes for sure when drawing with real media, all the time.


… When CGtalk is your homepage.


When you tell your stressed-out friends to just return to their recorded rest positions.

When you tell your boss you were stuck in “gimbal lock” on the way over to the office.


well lets see.

Of course the undo one has been taken…here’s a few more.

You know what a gnomen is.

You know what lambert, blinn, phong and phong e are, and when to use each in what situation!

one word QWERTY!

Your mechanic mentions the cars manifold and all you can think about is polys!

You walk around everywhere and look at the texture of things figuring out what you would have to do to make that shader.

You see someone walking strangely and the ways to fix the rig come immediatly to mind.

When reading a question on a forum that reads: How do i achieve proper SSS in a GI and FG env in maya? And know exactly what is being said.

You know what Right Hand Rule is (and im pretty sure even a lot of people in this forum dont know that one…lol)

You know what gimble lock is and it haunts your dreams!

You are rather adament, slightly neurotic and very religious about what software you use and how you set it up and will kill anyone that trys to change it!

And of course the #1 reason that you have been in CG too long…You obsessively read and post replys to threads on CG forums such as this!

Happy Rendering!!! (<< Oh yeah theres another…who else would say something like that!!!)


when you find all of these post’s funny. and think thats soooo true!

MAtt :smiley:


Harrad : Yuove got the best one!!!

I sometimes try to smooth my shadows =)))