You can do it! VFX - Free stuff


Hey guys, I have a section on my website we’re I’ll post some free stuff, mainly scripts from time to time and try to explain how they work.

Everything posted in this section will be free, non encrypted, so that everyone can use it an learn from it. Hope you guys like it!


Thanks a bunch. :wink:


Nice keep 'em coming :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, I sure will, I have lots and lots of snippets to share!


I just downloaded IDevCam, however i’m not getting any movement with my cam. Given the network values are the same and correct, not sure what options to try. Any advice where i can start to trouble shoot this?



Hi everlite, please e-mail me at and also make sure to see the troubleshooting guide on


Hey guys and gals, new post added, nothing to fancy but still a good effort :slight_smile:

It’s a script to apply materials to all objects in a specific layer. Maxscript is not encrypted and it’s using heavily .NET so maybe you can also learn a little bit about that too.



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