You are dying,Judge Dredd!, Ji Ruan (3D)


Title: You are dying,Judge Dredd!
Name: Ji Ruan
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, Painter, Photoshop

To be honest,I knew this superhero because of the movie.I never read any book about him,but I was shocked by the amazing design of the character.So I created a scene of being tortured to show his brave and fearless—I am the law!Hope you like him!


Here are some details…
After posting this image,I suddently found that the light was terrible,but I really have no idea to improve it.Maybe someone can give me a solution to deal with it,and I need your help.The lights I used are a pointlight and a spotlight.


Your implementation is luckily far closer to comic character than that of Stallone in the movie. You definitely should read the comics, if not for anything else, but to discover how much the movie misses the point, degrades the character and puts the whole essence of these comics aside.
The lights of your image could be a lot better as you yourself stated. On the other hand, this light-sceme helps to make it look more like a comic art. There could still be more shadows and highlights in it.

Keep up the good work!


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