Yogesh Sherman's Lighting REEL


[i]Hi friends
I am a 3d artist with 5+ years of experience from INDIA,Here is my new lighting reel.Please provide me your valuble C&C.
Besides lighting ,All the modeling (Except the candle lit scene model was provided by cgtalk )as well as texturing is done me.I have used Maya as well max for this reel. I have used no GI solution and all the renders are done by either Maya’s software renderer or Max’s Scanline renderer.
I am looking for a job in some good studio as a lighting artist/generalartist,so all the recruiters out there do contact me at yogeshsherman@hotmail.com or yogeshsherman@gmail.com

[size=3]Click Here
[/i][/size] Download My REEL
Size is 19mb my reel is in Divx
Here are some images from reel

        I have rendered this image with max's Scanline renderer
        Maya's Software renderer was used in this image
        [img]http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o167/yogeshsherman/yogeshCandle.jpg[/img]Here is my latest work ,


Hey Nice job buddy!
specially the lighting in the store room!

very nice work!
wud like to see more of your work



Thanks digi ,I am working on some new stuff may be upload soon


This is absolutely amzaing. I wish I had a studio where I could offer you a job.

Keep it up and keep posting nice stuff !!



Very good work! Lighting is g8 and rendering are too good. Overall fantastic work. Can you please next time upload a larger render images.


hey Yogesh…its so nice to see all these works…though i still havn’t seen the demo, wanted to write a few things on the images…

1). …its looking very nice…though u could have cropped a bit from the left, cutting the plant a bit from side…or pushing that twoards side so that the forground become a bit les doment…and ur subject which i think is the scooter and the character become more important and more opportunity to show the lighting effect on them…and there could hav been a more visible background element like a tree or something intead of a blurring effect…to give some more visual depth…or lese…its looking great!!!..

2)…this one is absoluetly brilliant…saw that erly also…nothing to point out except the two big tiles kind of things on the wall between the columns touching the floor…i think the textures are visbily reapeating…

3). …though looking good…there’s a bit of light source confusion…if its dark out side and the light sources r only the ones on the ceiling…there shouldn’t be that strong light on the wall behind!!!..it looks like the pillars r casting very strong shadow…like the 5th one…which is more justified…

4)…looking good…but the shadows on the wall lamps r a bit off…no shadow around the base…also there should be some shadow around the picture frames…or its not showing up here…???

5…as i said earlier…this one is more justified with a more prominent light source!!!..the Sun…great

6)…mmm…looking good…but the vase on the right should have catch some more strong lights from so many candles from side its dark now!!! candles r looking good…but about some tranlucencies on the back walls, if its a japanese paper backdrop…my personal thinking!!!

overall…they r looking very good…i’ll try to watch the demo as well…GOOD LUCK!!!


i like the 1st, 2nd & 4th render, the other renders are just like my render,: ) good but not very good.& try to use some paintings or old photographs images in your picture frames instead of 3d character images.K, all the best & keep up the good work.


thanks ,NEERAJRAWAT,Dewana,dhruvsm, for your valuble comment.


Hi imtilongchar well it’s great you compared my images with the ones you have made I must say prople should watch your profile first and then make any sort of comment on my images.

As regarding using 3d character image ,I done that knowingly as want the mood should remain CG and aboveall I don’t want to follow the same old way of putting some painting or old photograph.
thanks for your suggestion.


hay man looks great to me. i’m not good at lighting at all but one thing i can say its really good. keep up good work. i’ll be waiting for more updates. c ya.


Your lighting skill is amazing!Especially for the second scene:)
Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:


Hi Sachin ,how r you .It’s great that you liked my work .I hope now I can have good job as a lighing artist
Thanks Myzer for your reply .your words are encourageing .I hope you have seen the whole reel download it.soon i am putiing it in .mov format.
Thanks again


Yes I watched the whole reel, the second scene should be the first in it :o)
It came out so realistic, I wonder how many light sources you’ve used in this scene?(and how did you place them?)
You’re doing great, Really wanna learn things from you :o)


Thanks for watching the whole reel Myzer ,the second scene or the the samurai house like intereior is made in maya I have used Maya’s Software renderer for that . And fortunately for it I have used very less lights as compared to the first scene.it came out so nicely b’coz I modeled most of the part be it ceiling or walls Instead of getting details through Bump map or displacement ,I prefer modeling it so shadows came out nice and prominent.


Thanks a lot for showing me some tips!
So a good lighting depending on not only how you “light” the scene~
Wow, there’s so much to learn! : )
I’m learning how to do a good lighting ,too
But so far I can’t create acceptable result without a GI…(sigh*)
and my computer could spend hours and hours rendering a really short film…Orz
I’m eagerly looking for tutorials on the web, hope I can improve myself as soon as possible~
Maybe you would like to write a tutorial some time too?
If so, I’ll be really looking forward to it : )

All the best to you : )


Hey yogesh
lighting looks really nice.
some suggestion and comments

in 4th scene the shadow of the lamps on th red wall looks way off, it kills the scene

First part of scene 3 looks nice but the night part isnt that convincing it doesnt look evening or night (cant figure out what it is) at diff time of the day light cannot fall on the walls in same direction got my point?

in 5th scene the main lights on the middle doesnt seem to have depth

that’s all from my side :slight_smile:

You can make this showreel even better.
good luck


Hi Anilchhetri you highlighted some nice points regarding 4 and 5 scences I made in the starting of the reel and don’t even pay much time for detailing and that’s the reason they grab your attention.
regarding the 3 scene my intention was not make it an evening scene nor I want it to look like a pitch black night where only source of light are those lamps ,I tried to acheive Moon lit night .though usually we associate night with dark so I think you and Dhruvsm got this confusion about the source of light.
Yes you are right that at different time of day light cannot fall on the walls in same direction but I have not made them in continuation to one another though the scene remains the same but I only wanted to show that how it would look if it is lit in night .Now I think I should have made some separate scene or make it in continuation to one another as veiwers get confused with that.

Thanks for beleiving in me that I can make better than this,I assure next time you don’t have any sort of diappointment.


Some cool renders slight camera jerks but still quite good work


Did u use Sub-surface scatttering int his one?
cud u pls tell bout the rendering process in creating the candle image?
wud love to know how did u go about it?



yes you guessed it right i used SSS along with MR,actually i want just try SSS so i use SSS,but u can acheive the same effect through incandence. Lighting was simple try to remember the Basic principles.