Yoda, Is That You?, Marvin Santos Cruz (2D)


Title: Yoda, Is That You?
Name: Marvin Santos Cruz
Country: Philippines
Software: Photoshop

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of Yoda,maybe its just because of the Star wars ep 3 hype goin on…well maybe its those ears, or the skin color or maybe the wrinkled face,nah anyway original concept was to create an orc-like warrior with a battered armor on…
done entirely on photoshop with a mouse…

MY mouse just gave up on me, nasira!wah…well after all the abuse I’ve been dealing it with doing this.Its just a matter of time actually, either the mouse or my wrist…For the moment, this is what I’ve come up with and I would like to share it with you guys…Constructive c and cs are most welcome…thanx,GOOD day everyone.


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