Yet another Mobu question (Handposes)


Sorry if this is a trivial question. I’ve played around inside the pose controls, and think i understand what it does and how to use them, but now i came to a point where i have my character in one pose (lets just assume it’s one with the hand sticking up, and hand curled up to a fist). And lets say on later frame, my character is pointing his hand more straight forward. So the question is… is it possible to copy only the fist pose from the pose where he got his hand sticking up, onto the pose where the hand is pointing forward?

So im basically looking for a way to copy only the hand pose, not the entire body part pose.


When you change from full body to body parts you will only paste the pose to the part you selected, so you can save a full body pose and then paste just the hand as you want.


huh, strange… maybe i did something wrong then. When i selected body parts and selected the hand and double clicked my pose, the entire arm got the pose, not just the hand. Im pretty sure i managed to do it once, but can’t figure it out now… i wonder what im doing wrong?!?


Unfortunately that’s the way it is working, but you can select just the fingers to paste the hand pose. If you need rotation you can paste the entire arm, create a keyframe and then remove the key for the arm rotation.

Let me know if you find another solution.


ooh, that’s maybe what i did. Thanks man. I think that’s a good solution even though it would be awsome if they had built in a function to do just the hand pose yes.