yet another female body (phase: sculpt)


I think I might go further on this one than usually so I’ll post stages here.

     c&c much appreciated.
  updated: ([my last post](
     [img][/img]        [img][/img]        [img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img]
   printscreens/etc (stages): []([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([](


Looks around Am I missing something?


i like the minimalistic approach.


i like the minimalistic approach.

couldn’t help but laugh!:scream:

anyways cant wait to see… something


haha x¨D
yeah sorry, thought I had time to post right before a trip to visit family but had to rush and haven’t been with my computer until now. didn’t care to deal with it as I thought surely no one would bother with an empty thread until I got the time. obviously I was wrong hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, here’s the zsphere rig in case anyone would like to know.
here’s the simple black skin material I did with matcap. if you have a nice black skin material please share :slight_smile: I’ll try to make one that looks better. couldn’t get it dark and matte enough. it easily becomes a bit too shiny and bright. :confused:

feet sort of done, worked on hands last. will have to retopo soon for breast, face etc.

thanks for looking :slight_smile:


tweaked the head a bit.


ugh! after starting retopologizing it got boring but managed to get around to do it all (twice) now.
stupendous result! x-)

love to know what’s causing it :>
will dig for info at zbc…
EDIT: Wohoo! the new mesh was flipped. unflipped it and projected using project all under subtool and near everything is perfectly projected.


pom pom, new topo, ears and eyes and boobs…

still sort of wondering how you’d do the teeth in zb without opening the mouth wide with masking etc… painting on backside perhaps…


some improvements (nudging proportions is an infinite sea without end x/ sigh getting there)


There are some very nice things going on here but it seems that your density (especially on the head) is too high for the detail level. I don’t think this is the case with the hands. The thing that is leading me to think this is the distortion below the eyes and in other places as well.

Side Note: I think if you are going to do an animated gif of the model and it’s mesh you should let it stick on the mesh version longer, I keep watching it and trying to crit the mesh but it keeps flashing away.:slight_smile:

I hope this was helpful.


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