YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Richard Morley


Oh what the hell. I missed the last contest due to time constraints, and got denied in the EIAS 7 cover contest :cry: So I shall throw down in the ring once more.

My Captain Electric needs a retro vehicle anyways!

Fellow EIAS users, put up your dukes!


Good man!



Dukes are up… Welcome and good luck!


Welcome DickM.


Ok DickM…

I’m being an instigator (usually gets me in trouble)…

So where’s your concept? Captain Electrics has to be looking at some of the other entries with envy…




Yea, I know. I’m hoping I don’t have to for-fit. I’m unbelievably busy currently. The Captain is getting angry!


Ok, finally found some time this morning to hash out the Capts bitchin ride! It’s a little cartoony to fit with the capt, so I’m not sure if it will compete well with the other entries.

Will be modeling in Silo 2


Congrats Dickm I love this little concept, its ideal for captain electric.




I agree with Miseka, your design fit’s the Captain very well.

Should be interesting to see what kind of calender poses Cap’t has with his new retro vehicle
in 2009…




HAHAHAHA, thx Mike. Now that you mention it, I may need to have him spread over his vehicle like those hot rod magazines :thumbsup: . I feel the month June is fitting for such a pose…I will eventually finish that blasted calendar

Back on topic, thanks, i do think it will fit with the Captain too. Hopefully have some time to model at night.


Wow, finding time is so hard. But I knocked out some geometry here and there.

Here are 2 stills and for anyone who wants to see an orbit video screen grab, that’s there too.

I wanted to video screen grab the entire modeling process but I knew this would be an experimental job, so I’d hate to screen grab a crap load of mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Be gentle


Cool Dickm, you captain have it a vehicule, soon… :wink:



Looks good DickM. I played with the Silo demo very briefly back when EIAS announced it was part of EIAS 6? (I think). It seemed pretty intuitive… hind sight being 20/20 I’ve always wondered if it was worth getting.

Something to review again when I spring for a new Mac someday in the future…




Thanks guys. Had some more time to almost finish up the main body of the ship. A still and movie orbit is below. It’s a very large image, you can zoom in.

You’ll see it before and after subdivision. I like the hard edges of the cockpit where it meets the glass.

I really wish EIAS had poly sets though and would import objs with poly sets. I have gotten used to making objects 1 or 2 meshes and saving poly sets for the different materials. Like this ship is 2 meshes currently, ship and glass. But before I go to EI I need to break it up into all the different objects :frowning: Since EIAS is a poly program would it be that hard to add Polygon selection sets to v8?

anyway, hope you like


Wow! The Captain will have a blast with it! Fun little Jetson style vehicle!


Thanks Rich
It will be a little less Jetsons like when I add the twin turbo jet engines :drool:

But yes, the Jetson’s was a definite influence. The Jetson’s is a great reference for retro-future cartoon style vehicles. :buttrock:


Gorgeous ! Being in the mainly architectural viz industry I’m more used to hard edged modelling so when I finally get a chance to launch into creating my ‘cater-puller’ if i get half way to the smoothness in your meshes I’ll be more than happy.



I agree with Richard.
Love the fun nature of your vehicle!

Jim Mulcahy


Thanks guys. I will have to lose a few details since EI has no polygon selections sets. Such as the window rim. Mapping that would be near impossible without using poly sets or uv’s. I really didn’t want to have to mess with uv’s. I guess I could extract those faces after subdivsion and make it an object…yea that would work.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add the twin engines soon, then bring her into EI and start the composition.

Thanks again!


Ye be warned