YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Richard Joly


Really nice work Rick.

You had a great concept and final image.

Please reserve 2 Rent a jets and a side car for my 2 year old.

Thanks and congrats a job well done,



[QUOTE=Who you calling funny?[/QUOTE]
Ian, of course…

Sorry guys for the late reply, I had some sleep to catch up with…
For those who participated, you know it’s hard to find time for such challenge so, some nights had to be cut short…

Thanks you all for the nice comments, I really appreciate it.

On a sadder note, may I say I am really disappointed that we got only 4 final entries out of 9 participants. Well I guess the timing was not there, family things and real work took the upper hand.


Excellent work Richard. You always do well in these competion. It’s a full image with a story. Rent a jet. Great use of the geometry by duplicating the vehicle The modeling geometry has great form and appeal.It In some ways I could be more technique detail, to move it away from the fantasy but the fanstasy works too. Maybe tubing at the handle bars but the fins on the jets make up for any loss of detail with very nice rounding. Excellent detail with the use of texture. Signage and logo design is on point, says it all. Great composition. Very Good work.


Thanks Alonzo.

I added a larger version:

Every time I learn something new, I grow and it becomes easier and faster to do what I used to do. But the more I know, the better I grasp the magnitude of my ignorance… So, I have to start the whole learning process again to get to the next step… Why is it that I still love doing this…?:hmm:

You said a mouth full here Richard and very well put. I wish said it. I just learned some new things this morning and what you said expresses exactly how I feel. Humbleness is not only becoming but exalting when ignorance is renewed by the magnitude knowledge. Working in Maya's hypergraph is like a bird's eye view of the whole scene. Hope EIAS rethinks the core like this one day. 

Speaking of learning new things. thanks for posting that "bigger picture".  Your sense of humor "rings" through in that old fashioned phone dial. haha. Great being able to zoom in and see the tiny details.


Great final result Rick. It really is a very fun image with the colors and overall composition.

Nicely done and congrats!!


Ok guess I should fess up too.

I thought I had a number of hard and heavy assignments looming on the green light this month so I opted out pf the contest but the storm never hit. It’s ironic, my situation is sort of the opposite of last contest and others in the forum this year.

Of course I’m not tiddling my thumbs but I would have liked to use the contest to sharpen my saw as well, especially with Nurbs modeling. Well I have putting my extra time to good use…making silly YouTube videos…haha. J/J

Getting the rigging I need done. :slight_smile: More post coming soon.

Anyway, the real challenge for most of the professionals here is not doing the work, or using the tools, or producing great work, t’s all the other extenuating circumstances around a deadline.


Contest rules demand that I share my shaders and materials but everyone already have them for I used only standard EI stuff, no fancy shaders. I made a mockup of the solojet project with greatly reduced maps for anyone curious about the setup. It’s still over 8Mb. You can download it here:

Again, thank you all for the support.


Great job Rick. Nice details in your work as usual. Ready to reach out and dial that “rent a jet” code. Amazing that you used only standard EI shaders. Bravo, well done!



Hey! Nice to hear from you Tim. Thanks for taking the time. You are right, there is a lot we can do using only standard EI Shaders. For the simple training video animations I do at work I have never used anything that didn’t come with the CD…


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