YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Richard Joly


Thanks for the comments guys, always appreciated.

I love Silo! Wish I started learning it earlier…
I miss a bend tool or maybe I didn’t find it. I can’t figure how to make my windshield easily so i will probably do it in FormZ. The bumper will be replaced, I don’t think it’s the right style and anyway I don’t like it…

Silo modeling snapshot
Test render of scooter
Test animation of scooter


Very fun scooter Rick.

Not a bend tool but in Silo you can go into Vertex Selection Mode and use the soft selection and grab an outer edge of points and move those to create a bend.



Thanks for the tip! I am modeling with a printout of the Silo help… Very slow, but fun. So easy to create shapes I would have no clue how to make in FormZ.


Where do you get time to do all this work? SIlo snapshots,Rendering ,movies.
And still have freetime available. :slight_smile:
Nice work RIchard.



Thanks Edgard. Freetime? Look at what time I post my work…:eek:

I’m still modeling the scooter… And still learning Silo. I hate bumpers!
Hard to find time to work on the project. I think I’ll skip lunch… I’m too fat anyway…

I did some lighting tests and this will be another challenge…
I will certainly use GI but IBL…? How the heck do you get nice shadows with that? :banghead:

Time to go to bed before the wife comes and kick me. Again…


IBL (ADAPTIVE SKY MAPS) can work really well, and there are a few things to be aware of. The first is that color balance is strongly effected by the image you use. So you may have to de-saturate the image to get colors you expect. The second is that IBL works a bit differently than normal sky maps in that the rays are calculated more densely for bright spots on the image. This means you can get noise coming from the dim areas depending on howe the image is oriented.

I posted a pretty useful image for IBL with this tutorial.

If you photoshop away the sun, and use a standard light with GI set to normal and GI RI set to 1, you can get good results with out having to align the IBL. Also using a standard light with IBL or any GI sky lights seems to reduce the noise.

Good luck,


An extra-large all dressed thank you to you Yon!:thumbsup:
You posted this tutorial in march!!? Where was I? Sleeping again…?

(hush mode on)
Lets hope the other contestants don’t see this information, that will give ME the edge…
(hush mode off)


I should consider the SoloJet model finish. I’m quite happy with it as my first Silo “real job”.
Wonderful tool! Now as I will not have time to model a city background… I’ll have to find a way to present it. A showroom maybe… or is it already used…?:wink:

We still have many many minutes to complete our images…:smiley:


Really Hot. I’d like to order one for my garage. How much ? :slight_smile:


Nice job Richard! Love the typeface on the side also, very much in style.



Hey richard that is a change… yes ! :cool:

I like very very much. I agre with your new front of the solojet.

Congrats !

PD. I happy of encounter to you here too… thk!


very nice design Richard! it you make one I will buy one! :slight_smile: what is the top speed?


Thanks guys you’re a great bunch!
Alonzo, I thought you didn’t drive in the city… Of course “jetting” is better…
Predicted price in 1945 was 5000$ (in 1945, house= 4600$, car= 1100$, salary= 1300$…)

Eric, the typeface is “SF Americana Dreams”

Miguel, I completely remodeled the whole front… I probably have the worse loops ever seen in Silo… You have to start somewhere…!

Loon, I built two but they already sold… Top speed? Stock, 350 Km/h. Modified, supersonic but you are not allowed to go over cities… It is recommended to change the plexiglass windshield to the transparent aluminum one…


Nice Work Rick.

Looks like we definitely have a good race going here between you, Miseka ,yhloon, the Capt’n and Eric.




Finally… This is my final entry.
Raytraced GI, HDRI, 1 light, Fog pass for Depth of field.
Many thanks to Yon and Ian (sounds funny…) for their excellent tutorials and to all participants for their encouragements. Big applause to Brian for setting this up:applause:
I learned a LOT!


Ole ! that a beautiful pic and color, Its impresive…

Here is posting a great jobs… very congrats

Great render…




Wow! Rick, that looks great. I love the way you pulled the whole concept together. Especially the roto-dial-a-rent. Fun.

PS Who you calling funny?


wow Richard, nice image, I like the colour very much, so refreshing and crisp, the idea of dailing enter code are never heard before! :applause:yor are an artist with successive of great ideas. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


¨Rent a Jet¨:) cool


Great work, Richard. I love the 3D toon look.
Another image that needs to be in the EITG gallery.