YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Richard Joly


Well well…
Everybody seems to be waiting for the other guy to enter… So, I’m in!

I participated in project Phoenix and found the experience extremely profitable. I learned a lot. This is the perfect place to hone your skills as every participant will share knowledge and help you out for whatever problem you encounter.

My image will depict a person (this will be my personal challenge…) standing beside a vehicle (obviously…) on a balcony with a futuristic city in the background. Everything in the style requested by the challenge.

Sketches will follow on the appropriate date.

Come on guys, lets get this rolling!


oh Richard, I thought I will be the first to participate, you are one step earlier than me! Errrrr!! :slight_smile:


Welcome Richard. I’m expecting good things from you. Good luck in the competition.


Thank you Brian.

Just trying to get a sense of composition and a color scheme, I would like to convey the bright and joyful view of the future they had in the fifties. The vehicle will be a One Seater of a sort. The lady will not wear a fish bowl but some kind of helmet…
I hope I’ll have time to model her, never done that before…

Welcome to Loon, David, Miguel and Captain Dick!

Reuben, Charles, I hope you join us. What’s the expression? The more the merry?

Nice sketches guys! The more reference images I see, the scarier it gets… So much extraordinary artists out there…


I like this sketch too, now i post mine… good luck…:wink:


Nice concept Richard!


Richard, that’s a great! :slight_smile:
are you going to model the city too?


Yes Loon, I am. I’m trying different concepts right now. I need a couple of high details buildings for the front and several with lower resolution for mid and back.

I’m looking for a “How to model a 1945 futuristic female” tutorial for Silo2…
That will be my real challenge…


well Richard, you are fast! and the buildings looks great!


Thanks Loon. The trick is to forget sleeping for the lengh of the competition. It’s only seven weeks…
This model is made out of simple forms, sphere, cubes and one extrusion. The stairs are a “one clic” feature of FormZ… so I’m not that fast…


Jajaja This is true, im not sleeping nothing…

Great towers.


Great design Richard… wouldn’t mind having one of those for the commute to work.
Will it have a side car option? I’m the daycare dropper off parent for my 2 year old…
not sure strapping her to a wing would meet with my wifes approval. :slight_smile:




I’m sure your 2 years old would have a blast strapped on the wing…!


OK, I have to work a lot more on this if I want to finish.
Been quite busy lately so my project was put aside. I worked a bit on my paint and whatever the vehicle will look like once finish, it will be red and manufactured under the name Solo Jet…


The logo is typical of year 40, i like im remember the film CARS…

I like see you model of the car… :wink:



Hey Richard, I love the logo!!

Great job! :buttrock:


Finally… My final Scooter concept (it’s about time…)

I’m also fighting with Silo… A little tutorial, a little modeling, another tutorial, a bit more modeling…

The lady in the original sketch got sick. A real bad flu… So she will not be in the final image. This will give me more time to finish the ?$#@! thing… I’m so far behind, I think I will clone myself…


Now, My scooter is far from finished but what’s work without a little fun…
This is my first landing attempt… We can almost see the wires…

Clic to view animation


Very good, i think that the scooter is crahser ! :wink:



Gerry Anderson eat your heart out ! love the incoming flight movement Richard but watch you don’t scratch that gorgeous paint job !