YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Miguel Serrano


Sorry for other post Vizfizz, now yes… i post my wip early… thk !


Good luck Miguel :slight_smile:



Well, now i have my concept choose it.

My design is based on the races in the future, i think fron these years 30, more o less,
jajajaja :wink:

Sorry for my english, is a little poor… :(.

Ah, help in is welcome , :wink:

Bye friends…


Hi Miguel, my english is not any good either…


That is the real prize of these competitions. Help will be there.

As for your english Miguel, if we understand each other, it is perfect!


Well, how not be doing sketches as any (eh loon, congratulations, very cool… :wink: then I put to shape it .
This is the starting …

Saludos !!!


HI Miseka,

Nice modeling start and good concept. Makes me think of the early racing cars… matter of fact, I was just watching the beginning of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang this morning with my daughter before bringing her to daycare. Granted it has a lot to do with the past, but makes me wonder what environments people will find to challenge themselves in the future.

I look forward to seeing the final model.




Well here is my car, only a few detail and cockpit then i model the startgrid…



There are little changes of original concept, because i dont make good concept and in the process of modeling i saw that this form i like more.

Bye !


Very nice Miguel! I’m having difficulties modeling mine but it’s developing…
Any ideas about color and materials?


Well, my idea is make a grid with various cars with distints color, i am not if plain colors or any silk-screen printing. Too, i like put it clinches in any part of de body.

Ah, i want put it seems fluorescents …

I think that is best flat color for that years ago…i do a probe and upload here…




Here is the final stage for this piece… this way i think in paint the car.
Since you see it?




I go to testing color car, and i think this color how the old illustrator pages…

no final, here color and GI one light blue, composite with various copy of layer of gi and various mode of blend…



Excellent! I really love the mood of this image. Reminds me of the imagery of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”


Well, here i post new pics with other parts of car…

Im continuing with the same process for final pic… no reflection yet,

i need a name for this concept, I have not even idea :frowning:

well since I have to study for a few examinations i dont have so much time, but i post more pics…

I hope that you like, see you



Wow Miguel, your making great progress. Nice work!


Nice work Miseka, looks like your designs speeding you along just fine.


Thks DickM, mike33, the final composite will be this, the car name is finaly “Thunderlight”, my idea is the design of first page of magazine, en español la “portada”, ;).

Now i have that to see the color and other details…

I hope that you like it…


cheers, how here i say !



Well, here is my little contribution, for now i have a few time for hobbyst from 2 weeks, and for various mounths too, :(.

I dont have more time for better the pic, i make two textures in Inkscape (tremendous program for free), the render is pure.

I hope that the next contest i will can more time, the other way, im very happy for the people here, and their comments… :wink:

I hope is in contact always with this forum… i am to see the final pics of my friends…

bye !



WOW! I just saw your final entry. This is very good, nice lights, good choice of colors and stripes! Nice job Miguel!
It’s a pleasure to have you in this forum.