YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Loon Yik Herng


Loon, that’s just bad ass!! Amazing job, looks so cool!

Congrats on a great entry! :bounce:


Thanks Alonzo & Captain!:wink:


are you still updating the image? I’d still love to see it in the EIAS gallery.



Thanks for asking Yon!

I’ve change the swastika to a star, I was thinking to add more details to the vehicle before submit to the gallery, but I was a bit busy recently after came back from vacation… :slight_smile:


This is a winner!!! I like these image since the beginning, it was a good contest. Instead of adding details to the bike dont you think the guy is a bit small for the bike?:slight_smile: Maybe make him a bit bigger with more muscles this guy cant handle these bike that is how i look at it.
Anyhow great image my friend.


Hi Loon,
Wow! The way the light interacts with your surfaces are beautiful :slight_smile:
I’m curious about your light set up. Was it pure image based lighting or did you have to put in other light sources as well?


P.S. I like the Yesterdays’ Future logo too.


Beautiful Loon! I’m glad Yon ask you about it… I taught you decided to let it go. This will be a great asset for the gallery!


Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Edgard, thanks for the suggestion, actually the rider are taken from old project, I admit it is a bit too skinny to handle this monster, initially i have other plan on this vehicle, thats the reason the size is bigger.

Aziz, There is 1 HDRI use for IBL and reflection, I use one of the HDRI map from HDRCapsule_Studio Lights (paralumino), there are also 2 additional lights, one is on the vehicle’s spot light, the other radial light place below the floor, to light up the wall.

Richard, I admit my passion is not there anymore when the ipod is not mine… :slight_smile: maybe i will feel better if you tell me how to submit to the gallery :smiley:


Taken from EITG Forums:
[I]There is now an FTP site for us all to use to upload our images for the EITG website gallery.

Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank

  1. Go into the ‘incoming’ folder.
  2. Create a folder with your name and upload your images into it.[/I]

Patrick checks it very often so any posted image will usually be up the same day.


Thanks Richard! I feel much better now :slight_smile:

I try that before, I can log in to the ftp site, but when I upload the image, I get a “permission denied” error, not sure whats is going wrong, after reading your post, than I try with other ftp software, still no luck… than I email to Phil directly


Our Stunt Flying coworker gave me this tidbit…

So maybe yesterday is the future for a similar concept to yours YhLoon.




For some reason I missed all of these subsequent posts. Had I not seen your image on the EIAS site, I would not have known. I’m really happy you updated the shot. It’s really great work. EIAS needs to add the second shot to their site as well, it’s very dramatic and has wonderful lighting.

Thanks for putting in all the work. :thumbsup:


PS I don’t have the iPod either… nor can I say I made that nice image :cry:


Very nice work!
Makes the GI in EI look good. Still an absence of fresh & new GI images in the gallery…

Martin K


Hi all,

As a failed entrant in the yesterday’s future contest I still wanted to contribute something of interest to the mix. I was watching a programme on the BBC last night all about the development of personal transport modes and they had some really fab footage of various vehicles including this one - how cool is that !

The whole programme can be seen on

The bit that shows this thing flying is around the 46 min 30m second mark.

Of course having checked the guys website has all the clips you’d want

Hope its of interest



A flying red whatchamacallit!!? Should I sue them…? :twisted:
Very interesting concept. Thanks for the link James.


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