YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Loon Yik Herng


What do you mean Wow? SuperDuperExtraHeavyDutyWOW!!
You model is outstanding Loon! Congrats! :bowdown:


Hey Lion, cool, cool, very cool !, i agre with people, very good modeling, impresive!



Whoa. That’s funky. You can really hog the road and sky with that.


Thanks guys, I hope I have more time to continue work on this, pray!!!

Alonzo, in my original concept… that thing can transform into a giant robot!!:wink: just joking!


Here are my final entry, just can’t believe I can do so many thing in 1 day…:slight_smile:

and some other angle… Model in Silo 2.0.6, UV in Blender, paint in photoshop, of course render done in EIAS 7.0.1


need to mention that the rendering is done on old AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 3800+, Size: 3000 x 2000 dpi, I render the image with 2 cores, and 25 strip.


Nice work Loon.



Thanks Mike! hope to see your final entry soon :slight_smile:


Sublime! Congrats Loon and like very much the scene .




Loon, you are simply amazing! I love your colors and composition.
You really are an outstanding artist! Congrats.


Stunning images. Congratulations on finishing, and thank you for contributing.



Thanks Miguel & Richard, Im not yet a outstanding artist, and I hope I can be one, still a lot of thing to learn.


Thanks Yon! :slight_smile:


if you beveled or rounded the edges of your background you’d get some highlights that would add to the realism. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean that as a dig. I’m still in awe. I’m working on a project now where that came into play, so I thought of your images. I look forward to see more information on how you did it. :beer:

Take care,


Well done, Loon :slight_smile:
Would look great in an animated version of Indiana Jones.


Yon, thanks for the advice, I’ll see what I can improve after the challange finish… and I might add some more info, but not decide yet… :slight_smile:

Aziz, Thanks for the comment. :smiley:


what a beauty, i want to have tha bike.
Nice render dude, i see that the UV were done in Blender,i didnt know you could export as FACT from Blender.
Anyways congrats


no Blender won’t export Fact, it do export .fbx, than open the .fbx file in EI


Makasih, gracias Yhloon


Wow Great Design, Very fascist. wonderful render quality. Very success work.