Since I just resigned my full-time job to get back into the 3d world again I think there would be no better way than to jump into this.

Count me in. My old-new ultraspeeder® hopes to keep up with the likes of you all.



Welcome. We just recently extended the deadlines by two weeks so you should be able to catch up.


Awesome, welcome Eric!


Welcome Eric. Nice concept. Can’t wait to see it develop.


OK, had some “spare time” and got to do some Modeling. I have used Silo for this and am really getting used to it. Like Richard I have found that there are a couple pieces that easier to do in EI Modeler and I will be using it more as I get into the smaller details (bet I could use Tesla for all this …). I hope to be done modeling by the end of the weekend, we’ll see.



Nice model Eric. I also wish I can finish modeling this weekend.


ooooo, nice Eric. Seems to be coming along! What are you think about for a set? Flying in the clouds?

On a side note, yea, Silo needs a lot of tools I liked in EIM, like good array and copy tools. I would have modeled in EIM, but once something is modeled in eim, your stuck. I much prefer the Silo method of editing till your hearts content. I truly hope Tesla is a true hybrid this time with the tools of eim and the edit-ability of an app like Silo or Modo. I do believe there is a place in the industry for such an app.

Anyway, looking Good!


Thanks guys. I am really having fun with this one.

I have been mulling over the set and have a couple ideas I need to explore. I really like the look of a showcase item in the front like in a showroom and a “in action” shot composited behind so that one flying through clouds would be kind of cool. Stupid question but are there still smokers in EIAS v7?

I started with ubernurbs for the body but to your point I could not edit in any other program after I got the shape I wanted. So I ended up doing it in Silo.



Hehehe, that’s what I’m doing too, a showroom.


Ack! time flies when you are having fun. WIP - some quick renders in EI. I still need to tweak the model since I and not the best modeler and have some roughness to smooth out.



Oh yes, and I have added some serious power to this baby.


You must have used a very high speed camera to get these photos… Nice job Eric! We’re almost there…


Whoa. I didn’t know it was going to come out that nice. This is a really, really hot design. I think you hit the context of the contest right on point. The trapezoidal element of the front-end is the appeal of that age. It has a signature upward flange that denote modern “space age” forms that would work today our Mars missions.

The air ducts with conforming chrome trim, the cyclops eye headlight with trime, the bubble and swept back attennea. Great accelerating tension to the curves towards the back of the craft. Very satisfying design. The grill is nicely spaced. Maybe a some other air duct outlet that mirrored the intake ducts. I don’t know if this is the fine but I would have like to see a little background but nothing to disturb the paint job. Stupendous. Love it.


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