YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: David Nutley



Okay. Little bit edgy about entering a competition, but I need the practice and I like the fact that there is a deadline to try to stick to. This way I might actually complete something.

I’m posting my proof of concept here (back of a fag packet scribble)

It is not Graf Zeppelin Airshipesque, but is in fact propelled using a hoverthrust system (which as I understand it will be invented sometime around 1997). The sharp eyed amongst you will notice there are two pods side by side increasing the amount of passengers the CitySpeeder can carry. It is the length of three Airbus A380’s and was inspired (no-not ripped off) by this picture

The cynics amongst you will suggest it is an easy shape to model, which will hopefully prove correct. :thumbsup: However I’m sure the devil will be in the details. The CitySpeeder (patent pending) is built from chrome - as all good retro futuristic objects are, and I will be modelling this behemoth using EI Modeller.

I’m not sure what environment it will be placed in yet, but hopefully it will be airborne, as long as the scale of the CitySpeeder can be appreciated.

More detailed studies to follow in due course…


That thing looks huge!!!

Gondola in the middle?? Or is it a gondolaless (?!) beast?

Good stuff,


It might be an easy shape to model, but that will actually make your job harder to really make it look good. Put a lot of effort into your materials and provide a good environmental background to put in context and it should be fine.


Daftmaul, i like this form cityspeed…good lock, :wink:


Hey all, thankyou for the comments.

The 'speeder is indeed gondaless (now that ain’t a word) and huge it is indeed.

The rather weak premise is that it can literally move the population of a small city if needed, hence the name. I’ve got backstory here folks - what I haven’t got is a 3D model to back it up :slight_smile:


David, I love your sense of humor. We gonna have a blast! Welcome and good luck. You gonna need it…


Hi David,

I like your concept and look forward to reading your back story and seeing the final layout.

…The length of 3 A380’s… that’s big…




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