I am in and hoping I can finish it before my next looming deadline!

As seen before, my concept takes things a little further back, and a little further forward… The concept being a future retro Pirate Ship…

A time where we have space flight and build the future from the past…




Arrr matey. I wish ye luck!


“No fear have ye of evil curses says you…”

Dont need luck, will have guns…

and you all know… the pirates get the booty


How many pieces of eight is that booty…? Welcome aboard CJ!
Nice ship by the way


Sweet ship Cj.

Suppose I should add deflector shields to my vehicle with the likes of your ship roaming the galaxy!



OK, you guys are killing me with your comments :slight_smile:
I forgot how fun was to be a 3d artist.
Looking good CJ ,really good.


Maybe time zones are different. Hope to see the final soon or a WIP.


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