Yes Sir!!!!!


I just got 3D Studio MAX 6 and an appropiate book (the bible)!!! Any advices? Any pointers so I can get a hold of this app?





I just got it too… a few days ago… it’s tough. But I’m improving…
I’d say, work with the polygons and MeshSmooth is great!

But I’m only a newbie. :sad:


Yeah I know what you mean!!! And as an peon Orc from Warcraft would say “Work,work”!!!


Pratice , learn and play. Ive used the last 5 versions including 3d studio release 4, since i was 11.

…im now 24!



I’m a newbie as well but i’d suggest you to take a look at the tutorials, they are really good and through. And be patient !! :slight_smile:


yes! do the tutorials that came with max [that is what they are their for!!!]

and when your not practicing, just fool around, click on things, see what happens. max is huge, even after a year or learning it, you still wont see every rollout and panel.

have fun, and if you get stuck, try it acouple times, the come to cgtalk and ask.


Thx a lot!!! I’ll keep everything in mind!! MAX meet Puppetmastah , Puppetmastah meet MAX your new super best friend!!! :slight_smile:


no one will answer this question better than me.

specify ur role, i mean object modelling? character modelling? animation? or special effect?

that’s it.


Just experiment a lot - and for heavens sake don’t make too much marbles on a checkboard?.. They sometimes get scary impressive but tend not to be found so by other forummembers… hehe.

Welcome to ze wünderbahr world of 3d :wink:


Hey dude, I’ll give you some advice that I wish someone gave me when I first started:

  1. Max is HUGE, don’t try to learn it all at once. take manageable bites, it’ll still be there tomorow

  2. Pick a single aspect to “get really good at” and branch out from there. (for example, learn poly-modelling really well, then learn how UV’s work, then rendering etc…)

  3. Don’t get seduced by the tools. it’s real easy to fall in love with max and allow the tools that max offers influence, even dictate your work. it should be the other way around, you should use the tools to achieve the outcome you want. (if you don’t understand what this means, you will soon enough)

  4. learn some traditional media. if you already draw, paint, or sculpt, great! keep improving, if not, go buy an intro to drawing book and devolpe that skill side-by-side with the technical stuff

  5. get some sun once in a while :wink: Max can consume your life if you allow it…oh yeah, and when you hang with your frinends don’t bring up Max or 3D. Trust me, none of your friends want to hear about Nurms or polys or verts or whatever.

good luck and have fun learning!


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