Yes... Object Light in 3dsmax2014 !!!


Hi Guys,

i have found a way to create Light from a Mesh. I use the external wom object light shader.

download Shader:–2


have fun!

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Very nice Thorsten! Seems this shader is from Maya?

Also, is there a way to use spherical harmonics in Max? This seems to be getting a lot of attention lately and, from what I know, MR supports it.


This shaders isn’t from maya. It’s a 3rd party free shader, that some nice guy developed some time ago, inicially for maya.

Then there’s the builtin_object_light is called builtin for a reason. It’s a part of mr 3.11, but for legacy reasons it doesn’t quite work with the normal lights (light shaders) that comes with max.

You’re using spherical harmonics every time you use Final Gather. And it’s the case for quite some time…


Thanks Moulder, I had a vague idea it used with FG. But I was referring to use spherical harmonics the way it was shown recently in a FXGuide issue/interview, where you have more control of the lighting and can make pretty big adjustments with easy, not to mention the much faster output results they claim in the article.

Maybe I’m talking nonsense, but it just sounded as something previously exclusive to big environment productions that just in recent years had become available to everyone.



if anybody look at informations, it is not bad to look at the date. It was from 2006 !

the newest is GPU AO ( Ambient Occlusion calculate per GPU ) at 3dsmax2014 / mental ray 3.11

Jonathan Baecker aka “jb alvarado” have wrote a very good Shader that can GPU AO and much more (all Mila Buffers and Stereoscopic).

PS: the next Render Optimizer is compatible to mla_buffers from “jb alvarado”

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Is it possible to use it with max 2012?
If yes, can you provide us with a 2012 scene? And Also, I copied the *.dll into the shaders_standart\mentalray\shaders, is there any setup to do in order to use it?
Thank you.



i think it must work in 3dsmax2012. If i have time i will upload a 2012 Version of my demosscene ( i hope tmorrow).


Thank you for that


hi boumay,

here can you download the demoscene for 3dsmax2012:


Thank you.
But I have a problem, the scene doesnt work because of missing Dlls.
I only found the wom_archlight.dll in the wom_archlight 1.23 folder



you need the mrgeometry Plugin from here:

install wom light Shader:

copy wom_archlight.mi to \3ds Max Design 2012\mentalimages\shaders_autoload\mentalray\include

copy wom_archlight.dll to \3ds Max Design 2012\mentalimages\shaders_autoload\mentalray\shaders

bo_photostudio.mi is from my PhotoStudio Script and can you delete under Rendersettings->Camera->Camera Lens


It works!
Thank you again.
The render I get isn’t as nice as yours though, there arent nice cast shadows from the text, only a vague soft shadow under the text.


The demo scene for 2014 seems to be rendering just the indirect bounces.


Hi Thorsten…seems like your object light demo scene is not downloadable…Cud u pls reupload??
This seems to be a great solution for a lot of lighting issues with mr.



Hi SandeepMaithani,

you are right, it was delete ( my space :slight_smile: ). I have upload at the same link. Please try the download again.

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Thanks for the file thorsten…


Need a bit of help.
Thanks for sharing your scene, Thorsten, it works just great in max 2012, but I tried o rebuild it from scratch and nothing renders. Have copied all settings, and despite photon casting is pretty long, screen remains black, could anyone look my scene and say, what I’ve missed?

Thanks in advance

Scene - myScene (zip file)