Yellowpan, pascal blanché (3D)


Title: Yellowpan
Name: pascal blanché
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

i started this picture for a test with mudbox, and it turned into this nice yellow character…
Monochromatic is there on purpose, as i think it suits well with more complex and detailled meshes.
For more personnal tastes of the moment too :wink:
I actually started a serie of more design oriented characters , with more work on the modelling over the texturing aspect. I really like the graphic style that i can achieve with this technique


Woop I feel strange… she is not that much human, but still I find her attractive ! This ain’t so easy to accomplish… Not first time with you… ^^ And this conjugaison of “meka” and orga is very nicely integrated, with a touch of “artdeco” very cool.
I guess some will find hundreds of this and that, but for mho this is very nice image, detailed and dynamic. Congrats!

I’m very impatient of seeing some pure mechanical work with mudbox from you.


hi SnailMaster :wink:

Still very illustrative, more and more, even with technical tools, this is your strength!
post your serie! revooolutionon!


lol… one day yes one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

to shtl… funny you mention this particular aspect in my picts, im actually working on it :wink:


really great colors, that redish tone isn’t very usual from you but still fits your style perfectly
I like everything about this illustration, composition, colors, dynamic of the shapes etc.
this such a strong yet kind of minimalist image, which is really remarkable
you definately have a signature in your images.


Love the feet! What earthly creature is that from? Kangaroo?



ehehe who knows :slight_smile:

i love kangaroos


I agree with the above, this is what I always liked about your CG art, you blur the line that separetes CG from illustration, it never feels like the piece was limited by the medium.

Can’t wait to see what you will do with mudbox, especially on a whole scene (character and background)!


Hi Pascal!

really like the colour scheme on this one:thumbsup:, which is weird because I’m an orange-hater by nature :eek:

not too sure about the pose - there seems to be sth strange about the way the head & chest vs the hips are twisted… feels somehow painful and stiff… this is the type of pose that would probably look way better in 2d but with a lit 3d character makes it feel somehow flattened… well at least that’s the feeling I get :slight_smile:


i really like the direction that u are taking with ur work pascal, i think that with more work on the style it could become something really substantial. I agree on what u said about the texture. A bad texture destroys the model, a good one enhances it.



I like the model, specially the flying “handles”
I like the color selection and composition as well.

On the top of it it looks like an illustration.
The flat shadows make it look like that, as just underneath the jaw and ear.
The bottom part has softer shadows, and it looks more like 3D.
Both styles are nice, but having them in this way is a bit strange.

The red blackground gives a good punch, specially with that circular form.
Nice work, hope this helps


hey pascal

really nice image again - the colours and composition are always excellent with you

i have a slight crit maybe the backside of the character seems slightly square at this angle
but you have to look hard to see it !

anyway your always inspiring !!


My spys did a good job ^^

then I’m even more impatient! keep it up :slight_smile:


You are great. its so so so nice one.:thumbsup:


Awesome model and design! :thumbsup:


i really like the abstract hairlike shapes you have coming from the cranium, deltoid and the small of the back. interesting work as always pascal.



Hello Mr.Pascal

Only 3D Max and Photoshop?.. that means NO z-brush?


Please, Can you post a wire?

And thanks for share your skill with ous, really impresive (like every work you done)

See ya.

All stars


nah… i used mudbox but it is not implemented yet in the submission list :wink:


Houba houba ! I love your wallabygirl. :slight_smile:
She’s got very stiff muscles and a nice soulhouette too !

…quand tu veux pour en poster d’autres! :thumbsup:


Beatifull model, the concept is just owesome. I dont like the colors that you have chosen for her body, but it looks very good anyway.