Yeah! - Hero In Shinning Armor :), Spellcraft Studio (Animation)


Title: Yeah! - Hero In Shinning Armor :slight_smile:
Name: Spellcraft Studio
Country: Germany
Software: 3dsmax 4, Brazil, Cs 3, Clothfx, Bodypaint 2


I like to introduce the hero of my short film project “yeah! - the movie” (still in production)…
(divx=640x480; mov=480x360; mpg=320x240)

this test-animation was done to check out some cloth simulation with complex character animation (fast moves, jumps and turns)…

well… what was meant to be a 2 week test turned out as a 6 week try and error… with the conclusion that complex cloth simulation is still a nightmare…

Best Regards,


Saw this on your site the other day and i was wondering when you were going to post on CGT, fantastic job on the animation. Looks very very natural. Was it hand keyframed?



Wow!!.your site is truly amazing…all the animations there are stunning…im very impressed!:thumbsup:
Im a fan!:bounce::love:


Very Impressive… I have work with cloth before and my hat is off to you…music and style is fantastic as well…


Looks like a mix of mocap and keys to me. The acting has that awkward, guy in a suit feel just moving around, not knowing what to do. I’m in a mocap suit so I have to just keep moving randomly.

Really cool just the same though. He’s an interesting looking character.


beautiful! the character acting made me laugh, you could really get a good feel for what each one was all about, very cool. The texturing was also very nice, not over done, but it suited these characters well. sweet.


looks damn good! all the animations are great!


simply the best peice of “realistic” cg animation i’ve seen, even if it’s mocap on the body, the facial animation is so well keyed. completely shames all those ironing board zombies that i’ve seen in other cg works (including and especially where they’ve used mocap) where they’ve been trying to go for realism (i realise this model is charicatured, but not to such an intense degree, and the animation just makes it feel totally real) love the little touches, like the tongue movement.

if you can keep up this level of quality throughout the project :thumbsup:


This is really cool work, nice job!


Amazing work. The animation is very good. I know your job since last year and I love your Idea, the little mosters and the girl. Just amazing. Congrats. :applause:


The attitude , look & feel reminded me of a dear friend of mine.
I envy you whole-heartedly man. The entire yeahSeries is so awe-inspiring. I love the hero’s facials too. Pure attitude man.
:bowdown: andyBoy!

ps - when are you out with the making honey! it’s long overDue. :cry:

btw - Is that a trick with the camera or has he moved closer to the camera towards the end? Very well executed either ways.


what else can I say ?

Great as always.

Is there really a movie ?

was that motion captured ? Or hand / or both ?
whtever it was It was very good. I’m completky sold either way.

Later AW


ey, great animations … remember your stuff already 2 years ago when you posted the that monster and thoes other small monster animtions, really nice stuff… saw the girl animation a while ago too, really exelent stuff

great work guys :thumbsup:

edit: Ugh… :surprised cant belive your still working with max 4…


iam totally amazed by the work - as always its tooo good. really awesome work. looking forward to see more.



The best 3D short job that I have seem!!!:thumbsup:



looked and moved so lifelike, I had to watch it twice. really nice job. Looks like Bono at bit :smiley:


FWWHOAH!!! awesome stuff, man…
is this a studio-sponsored indie short?
Hero looks almost too real… he scares me.
not as scary as Boss tho… LOL

Can’t wait 'til it’s done.


I have seen your work for a long while now and think your one of the best animators out there !!!


that is one of the most realistic human character animation I have ever seen, not because of the way he looks, but the way he moves is incredibly life-like. Did you use any mocap? The look could use a little more work if your going for photo-realism but the animation is right on, blows what square did with final fantasy away. Some motion blur to top it off is all it’s missing. :thumbsup:


Frickin outstanding!
The cloth and the whole style of the guy is some of the best ive ever seen in CG!
Very convincing!
I think the woman animation is a bit short, and doesnt seem as impressive as the guy, but theyre all great.
Cant wait to see more on this short.