Yea, I am not creative


Frustrated kid here. Been roaming here since almost an year, registered few months back, posting now.

So yea, I am not creative, not at all. Being an animator was(is) my dream. I saw those movies and those cartoons and ALWAYS wanted to recreate them. ALWAYS. I don’t speak at all in real life. So opening up to the world through my animation work made me attracted towards animation more. I have no art background. I don’t know color theory. I can’t draw. I held pencil and brushes for the first time in my life 4 months back, when I joined a design college. My aim was to learn drawing, be a skiller and nothing else. But here in this college, it was all about design and hardly any arts. No drawing courses. No life drawing or whatsoever. So I thought of learning on my own.

Now the main point. I always knew that I wasn’t creative but thought that it will come as I work along but it didn’t. I really am NOT creative. How can I be creative, I absolutely have no idea. I can’t make something like this by doodling like others can. :sad:

It just doesn’t happen, just doesn’t. I have tried so many times. I doodle and no design comes. :cry:

Character Design. I can’t think of any NEW character. I see characters in HP movies, LOTR, District 9, animes and they look awesome, but I can never create new characters. My mind just doesn’t click. I have tried. In my courses, I am scared of facing people without any new character, so I just take an anime and add tail, hair, jacket and done. I have seen other people’s characters. They are NEW.

I sit everyday with pencil and book and draw lines thinking something might show up. It doesn’t. If I have to see and draw, fine, not good but I manage. But if you give me a drawing and ask me to make it in a creative way, I won’t be able to. I can’t be abstract or make a drawing look beautiful and new by shapes and lines.

I don’t know if I am clear or not, but I have you guys get it.

In short, I am not creative, I can’t draw(I can improve though). Thing that scares me is not being creative. I can’t innovate things. So should I leave animation and forget arts forever?

Sorry but just frustarted. Had to post. :sad:



learn to drawn,
i mean real drawing, perspective drawing, drawing techniques and anatomy studies etc.


if u have accomplished this, creativity is going to spread in your head like a mental desease.
Attention dont become to weird :smiley:

Just my opinion:
Most Great Art Masters had first to tackle to copy the reality in order to learn
how to create new unseen thigns. To bend and reinvent reality,
u have to know, study and be able to copy reality.
whining doesnt help, u have to get your hands dirty on hard study.
and always think positive, it can only getting better



You must first teach yourself to draw what you see before you can accurately draw from your mind. You need to teach yourself.


I think you shouldn’t be so discouraged. It really depends what kind of work you want to do. If you want to be a fine artist (make your own art for a living) then lacking creativity is a real problem. If however you want to work as part of a team, for instance for an animation studio, there will usually be someone giving you direction, and your job is to execute it. Also don’t confuse creativity with drawing ability, you can be creative in any medium. Maybe try some other art forms (photography, sculpture, etc.) to see if they inspire you more. Good luck


Hmm, studying perspective and anatomy at the moment. Its just frustrating. There are people here, who don’t much drawing but they just make random lines, cross hatching and a new awesome design is done. I mean, they are able to present an ordinary thing in an extra ordinary way which I am not able to.


Look at the people around you in the street or public places instead of HP or District9
Real people are a lot more interesting and funnier in real life than in films, you’ll get a lot more inspiration from them
Even if you’re bad at drawing, try. The drawing itself will be bad, you’ll learn a lot from what you’ll SEE.
If you can’t, don’t draw and just look at people
Don’t give up :slight_smile:


I know exactly what you are talking about. It’s like mental constipation. The only solution that I have found is to just spend hours and hours with clay or a pen trying to come up with something. If you get discouraged after 20 minutes you will never get anywhere.


As I can see, at least you have the passion and you recognize you’re not good…

You’ll do it.

Keep the advices these guys here will give you and keep going. Hard!

Good luck


Welcome to the club.

I’ve been trying to get a cg job for 5 years. It’s very difficult.
I have the creativity but I lack the artistic talent. Not good with proportions.
But some day, in 10 years maybe I’ll get it.
Just keep practicing and some day you will too.

To help you with creativity, make up stories in your mind when you go to bed. I do that all the time. Pretend your on a base of a mountain maybe, and you see something come out from a cave… make things up.


Yes, anyone can draw.

Do yourself a favour and check this out:

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and others. That book is amazing.

Have fun.


I’m the same as you. Drawing is hard, but creativity for me is easy from my view. Making up things that happens around you and pretending if its like a video game or a real movie itself makes up for a lot of the creativity part.

And like Ceridan said, make up stories when you go to bed. I tend to do that most of the time when I can’t go to sleep and before I know I’m knock out and its the next morning :applause:


yes they are able to do that because they already know how to draw what they see and the lines only seem random to an untrained eye - I suggest visiting and their sketchbook thread - you’ll see that those awesome creative people work their A’s off every day doing those ‘frustrating’ studies… :slight_smile: it’s not easy and perseverence is the key


You say that “anyone can draw.” I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true. I can’t draw. Yes, I can see that a drawing is good but I can’t visualize and execute a drawing like some folks can. My young nephew, for example, can “just sit down and draw” a comic book page that looks like Prince Valiant in its glory-days. :bowdown:

(The little … :twisted: … )

Ahem. Now, where was I? :wink:

Look at the trailers for a CG movie. They’re getting to be longer these days than the movie itself. Modelers, animators, designers, digital painters, compositors, match-move … and data wranglers and software developers. There’s a pantheon of technical experts. So, if you are interested in CG and find that you do not have an aptitude for doing one thing, just find another thing to do.


well anyone CAN draw IF they practice enough, I think should be the statement… and yes ANYONE can - but not after 3 days :slight_smile:


Get Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, go through it and post back in 2 months.

See you


Is there an echo in here? :wink:


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