Yatoer, The Bus Stop Boxer, Loïc Zimmermann (3D)


I really love it, But you already know it :wink: ! Great work man, you have my five stars :slight_smile: !


Bro I don’t know how are you cranking those illustrations out one after the other…
you are freaking machine…
the bus stop boxer should be afraid of you, instead of you from him.

what can I say, he looks wicked, love the profile and the clothes.
I am definitely looking forward for the animation

keep rocking :bowdown:


Wow Monsieur!!, this is another master piece for me.

I like your personal style man, and the colours studies of your works, is very amazing.

Great modelling, shaders, ilumination and everything man, FIVE STARS!!

Good luck with the EXPOSE 4 dude!!

Cheers :beer:


i want you to see the ILLUSTRATION, not the technique behind it.

I didn’t get you here, loic. it will be the illustration itself showing us its greatness.
you little artist can’t ask for this to happen. or is your tecnique so arrogantly good
that is trying just to speak with your words ?? I say, - your tecnique is so good
that expresses itself in illustrations. does this make any sense at all ? :slight_smile:
great work, my friend.



Sooo great!


Why can we not have a 3D movie with this type of style? I would so pay to watch this characters story…good or bad. I just love the artistic expression and feel.


wow I like your style … fantastic work!

5 stars:thumbsup:


Very good, impressive work! I like the head very much. 5star!


hi loic,
nothing to say except … AMAZING !
you re a freak guy, you know that…
5 stars … or 6 .


Amazing work guy, congratulation.

moreover it s realy a pleasure to work with you. :thumbsup:


Waoow that rocks. GREAT pic and GREAT job.
The atmosphere and the design of the charactere are just amazing.

5 stars for me :thumbsup: .
Front page please !!!


Just can’t stop staring at ‘it’, and so does he. I don’t look at the CG but at the picture.
“hu! what do I look like in the mirror?” seems to pull out from his mind before he broke the shop window with his arm.

and to this i’ll answer: don’t worry dude, you’re what you are and nothing would matter, I guess…

anyway Loic, this picture is a masterpiece of your art, very impressive.
I’ll end by an ‘AMAZINNNG!!!’ and my best greetings, i’ve been very glad to meet you!


Incredible work!! really! Do you take the idee from the band The Eels song?


again, great work loic! :thumbsup:


pfuuu de mieux en mieux, je reconnais ton style de taff sans voir ton nom, bref cé tres classe.
allezzzz juste une ptite critique, ton perso (niveau visage surtout) se detache un chouille du fond, la veste chope bien le rouge de la facade mais pas le visage…du coup l integration n’est pas nikel (ainsi que tes atmospherique)…mais l aspect artistique de ton image ratrape tout ca.

good job man !!




Amazing work!
If this doesn´t end up on the front page, I won´t dare to post my images here again…


Hi fellas.
Thanks for those warm comments, i really appreciate.
Couple of answers and specific 

Dezz. glad you like it. Designing a non human but still human character is something i just enjoy. It’s tricky, dangerous sometimes. I tend to avoid caricature of monsters and freaks, personal taste i guess.
Same for the pose or expression. So “easy” to make one more angry guy.

plastik892. Shadowrun. wooo. Reminds me my early days.

I was more influenced by Blade Runner i guess, probably a common reference also used for Shadowrun. I haven’t seen it for a while (Blade Runner), but i guess that the environments and characters, the mood of it, was and is still a major enlightment for me.

As for the light, on the face, many people here have noticed it. I was a decision of mine to be shy on the treatment of lights on the face. Wanted it to be really easy to read. But i guess it lacks something. i will have a third look at it (already made some tests yesterday, had a problem then when reduced to postal card format). Will try again i said.

Loganarts. Not too much photoshop, although a lot of the mood comes from it. For the animation, one day, i know that the movements will help the reading, so the post fx will be more global. Up to me to render the necessary masks :slight_smile:

Staszek. Similar concept, man, you musn’t feel good in your head then?! right?

Kwala, ah, mon vieux Kwala. This guy almost saw the birth of Yatoer. Yup, it was already a tough baby. Congrats for your new job bro’, far from this mess we’re in.

Abonora, citizen of the world, my friend! Yeah i know. Animation. Last time i said that, it was for Naughty Nick. And i didn’t do anything. Well, this time there will be something. Even short. Even whatever, there will be sthg…

Chewaka, my good ol geant spanish freak. I raise my glass for you and wish you the best where you are now.

Francescaluce. mmmm. francesca. thank you sweet thing. For the comments, first. And for your cool tips and tricks in mentalRay. I appreciate that. About my technique, eh! What can i say. Have a lot to learn, but i will focus more and more on the artistic work, rather than the technique itself. A bunch of polygons, patience, textures and lights. nothing new under the sun.

Well. ok. numbers! Something around 2Go of textures for the character.

[img]http://loic.zimmermann.club.fr/blog/images/groundZero/smallTurnAround.jpg[/img][i]an older version of the character. Slightly different.

[/i] Mr positive. Thanks for the kind words. err. I also would love to make a movie in this style :slight_smile:

Locke3d. mmm. strange name, right? You naughty little frog! If you pay attention to this thread, you will notice than SOME people would like to see this Yatoer moving. So how can i move this guy without any decent rig? And WE know it won’t be only decent. It’ll be a kick ass rig. MAKE ME PROUD MY BOY! and an online congratulation for Imagina!!

Fabfbb. err. almost as easy to pronounce as your last name dude :)
Pleasure to work with you too. And i mean it!

Thiboleo. You're right! Frontpage! just kiddin' 

Pierloh. pleasure to work with you as well. You just fit where you are. Hope you’ll stay long, at least, as long as you need to. Take care. thanks.

Pikmin. Nope, no reference to the song, just the title that fits to the pict i guess. Also a starting point, as i use to work on a word or a short sentence for a pict. No direct reference to the lyrics tho.

Popol, but you are partout à la fois!!

render out of the box, of the jacket…

et le Dare(oner). Merci. merci merci. C'est clair que sur l'intégration, je vais pas te la faire hein!?

y’a du vrai, je vais tester quelques trucs bientot. j’en parle un peu plus haut, je vais pas redire la même chose. Mais t’as probablement raison. à un de ces jours j’espère.

And i lied about posting WIP. here is an Occ render...


Cheers :beer:


It is great boxer :eek: It is super good!


Very cool work, I love the wonky arms! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile: