Yatoer, The Bus Stop Boxer, Loïc Zimmermann (3D)


Title: Yatoer, The Bus Stop Boxer
Name: Loïc Zimmermann
Country: France
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Yatoer. What a trange name would you say… And probably you’d be right.
Yatoer, the dog face boy, the bus stop boxer, the guy you don’t wanna cross in the street late at night.
I could have called him Marvin, not Starvin’Marvin, the other one. Eh!
And like him, he might not only be a brutal weirdo.
Been working on this guy for a while, but i had to hurry a bit, because of the Exposé deadline.
Maya, a lot of Zbrush, not only for details, but also for searching shape, pleasure of sculpting.
Mental Ray, geant textureMaps.
Classical lighting.
Photoshop post painting to kill the CG in the egg.
Hope you’ll enjoy. Potential animation one day, i wait for the rig. Meanwhile, i’ll switch to the making of a comic book for the sake of my soul!
Hope you’ll enjoy, seeYa
Anatomic freaks, beware. The face is strange, the face is not really human. Don’t put any Da Vinci proportions rules in here, they gonna explode. Ok, it’s said.
For wip, wires,etc… i invite you to have a look at my website: www.e338.com
Here, though i post in the CG gallery, i want you to see the ILLUSTRATION, not the technique behind it.


haha i like it!

looking cool :thumbsup:


cool work as always;)


are u joking
it’s more than cool
its perfect
5 stars :slight_smile:


the face design is awesome! you could have fallen easily in caricatural expression with that kind of character but you achieved great subtlty in the expression.


Feeling a lot of Shadowrun here, like a troll or something (just missing some crazy hair ;)). Very moody, nice lighting and the jacket is great. The warm light source on the characters left could probably show more intensity on his? face, like a bright edge.

Anyways :thumbsup:


This is superb.

If its not too photoshopped its even better because it will animate fantastically.

Inspirational stuff man.




Wow, amazing!!

Do you have any wires of the character?

Love the face:)


Perfect light, wonderful textures, beautiful colours.

5 stars from me.


Read the description. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes, how could I foreget, 5 stars! *****


Opps, I didn’t read it all the way through as I couldn’t stop looking at the awesome image:D


really good piece man. That is what I call art.


superb ! :beer:


hey this rocks, He’s got grate character, allthough he iis butt ugly.


I´m counting the minutes to see this beautiful image in front page, congratulations for another great image




yeah! i like it - i was start few days ago slimar concept - portrait of cyber punk :slight_smile: maan :slight_smile: and its slimar hehehehe . I like your illustration - technicue is greate -


fantastic work!
I admire your style :bowdown:


Excellent! 5 stars for this beautiful image, character looks great :thumbsup:


wow nice work and rendering:beer: