Yannick Rogeat_Matte Painting_Arabic city


Hi all,

I am entering the challenge a bit late, but I was thinking we had to work with AMDproRender for the final render, and
someone just gave me the info that it was just a recommadation… so I already
worked on a scene using Mental-ray and the kitbash given in one of the

Since it’s a Matte challenge I suppose the full 3D scene I just made will not work for the contest ? So if I have the time, I will
transform it in into some mattes then animate them.

Or maybe I should go for the Render and Lighting entry ?

This is the render I made Yesterday and I will probably use as reference:



Since i’m going to make a little traveling, the matte have to have a wider angle, and a good rez 7500*3000px.

And this is the base I think I will use for the last layer (2H17 at 7500*3000px, maybe I could add more details)


Adding more details in Photoshop :

Wanted to test the Radeon ProRender but all i got is a Crash and total slow down :frowning: . I think it’s because of the Nvidia Quadro … so couldn’t test much.


Little animated test to see how AE handle the 7k psd.



Initially I was thinking about entering the Matte Painting category, then I saw this…:eek:

Nice job! I’m sure you can finish on time. :slight_smile:


Thank you ChewyPixels ! I’m honored by the compliment :slight_smile:

This is the version I will use for the AE file, and I’ve finaly cut the file in 10 part (instead of 7) to simulate the traveling in AE :


And…tadam ! my final animated Entry

DELET this one, see next post :s


Finaly got some time to tweak it a bit :

This time it is the last one :slight_smile:


Edit : And composed still