Yang Xueguo :: EXPOSÉ 7 Tutorial


Hey there,

Yang Xueguo presents a quick overview of the creation of super-heated furnace in ‘Tower of Evil’ for an end-of-week tutorial. I gave him a little time also to show his ‘Good Brush’ pack he devised for his Photoshop work too. You can download it and try his pack yourself. His piece attained Master status in EXPOSÉ 7. Click, scratch and sniff, comment.


That’s an amazing image. Congratulations on winning.
I can’t seem to get the brush download to work. :rolleyes:


nice tutorial
but the download limit of “Blur’s Good Brush” is exceeded
could you upload it again?


It may be the best tutorial I’ve ever read.
It begins by a beautiful painting, contains advice on how the process, the objectives and many other simple things you never see in a tutorial and on top of that it provides you with a magnificent brushset with every details you need to use it.
That is why I, at last, stop lurking in the dark corners of this forum and write my first post. Thanks

NB : We appear not to be able to download the brushset :smiley:



Awesome work… reminds me of a cross between Alex Grey and Dali.

Also, thanks for the brush set… one of the best I’ve seen.
(For anyone having trouble I was able to download it by using the click HERE link rather than clicking on the direct download link at the end of the article.)

Once again great work Yang!


Great article! Oh and thanks Xonk for the download link!


Being a big fan of his artwork, this is a great insight into his workflow. Great stuff!


this is totally Beksinskt style


Yes! Love his art! Thanks a lot! :buttrock:


Any chance CGTalk could host his Good Brush file??? Heck I’ll even put it up if he wants. But his host is dead and I can’t get it. Yay for free file sharing…



Yang Xueguo,

Your work is awesome! Thank you very much for the insight into your process and especially for the brushes. Very thoughtful of you to help out your fellow artists. You rock man!



Nice one! The tutorial is good, but the brush set is a killer! Thanks a million!

They will see some use here. A keeper for sure.


I’m big fan of Beksinski works, this piece has ‘his’ mood indeed.

Oh my, great tutorial ! Thank you very much ! Good Brush package is great.



Very, very good. You’re a true artist.

And thanks for the brushes!


Good Brush 4 Pro? Did we find a working link?


Thanks for you appreciation friends!
I’m very sorry about the download problem of brush,because I can’t find a good place to put them.
I changed a new place below and hope it works for everybody!


Hot damn! Those brushes were exactly what I needed for this painting I’m doing. Heaps of thanks man.


Great work man, nice and evil :love::love:

Keep it up, i look forward to your future works :slight_smile:

  • Ty


Great image and a really good brush set.

I really, really hope that they’d update Photoshop’s brush system some day. It’d be really useful to be able to categorize and sort brushes and quickly create custom brush sets like in Painter. Now, every brush is in one big list and it’s kind of a mess.

By the way, yangxueguo, reading that manual, did I understand correctly that these brushes are for non-commercial use only? Just want to clarify that.


Great tutorial!!
Thanks so much for sharing with the world