Yamato, last battle, Michal Korotko (3D)


Title: Yamato, last battle
Name: Michal Korotko
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max

Hi i made this picture for max3d.pl challenge. Use Max+Vray, posteffects Photoshop


Superb work, you should post a link to the high res version here.
Good luck.


OMG this is awesome. So much going on. I love it. Brilliant work, with loads of detail, and finished with a perfect composition.

5 stars from me!


yeah this is good modelling!
IF i had to crit something that would be that i find some elements to be placed in random in your scene instead of having a story behind them.For example the bullets splashing in the water next to the ship can not happen as they would require many planes flying wing to wing and firing at the same time, or the A/A blasts in the right being so far away from the ship, or the dead bodies falling out of the bunker towards the way the bullets came instead of splattering against the back wall…

overall it is a very nice image :thumbsup:
It seems that war…war never changes :wink:


Great work, I love a theme of the second world war :thumbsup:


Amazing Image! would have to agree with stage-gr tho, it is slightly random whats going on but in a good way that adds to the confusion and panic of the attack.

Cant help but feel that if the image were a tad darker in the right places it would bring a lot more mood to the scene.

I Like the dark smoke and explosions, did u use PFlow or was it mainly part of the postproduction?, my only other tiny crit is im not too sure on the gun fire of the ‘50mm cannons’ look a tad ‘fake candle tipped’ to me.
Really Impressive work, well done.


I hate alla wars, but you made a superb work: congrats!


IIRC, the Yamato never actually fought a last battle, it was purposely sunk in Tokyo harbor to avoid it’s capture or dishonoring by American forces. However, it was brought up from the dephs of the sea, and used to test the effects of atomic bombs on naval craft in the water with a bunch of decommissioned american ships along for the ride.

As towards the image, it’s chaotic and well rendered, though some parts don’t exactly make sense.


Amazing work, well done!


this could make it into choice, wow, amazing



ive never seen this type of image before :wink:
very good work, congratulation :smiley:


thx for all posts,
stage-gr–> hehehe yea war never changes, by the way Yami was killed by 280 US aircrafts, but u r right there is too much chaos.
iliketrees–> thx for tip, i used AfterBurn
Chemix–> u r so wrong, r u talking about NAGATO. Yami was death in battle, check it

PS sry for my poor english


excellent work …

It is a bit random in places, perhaps one of her escorting destroyers in the background would balance it out a bit. But really good as it is …

And you are right about the Yamoto (as im sure you knew) there was a documentary on TV here last week about kamikaze’s and it featured the Yamoto’s last mission. A suicide mission with the intention of beaching itself on the beaches of Okinawa and fighting as an unsinkable fortress until the end …

It never made it halfway there …


awesome job! very impressive. the ONLY thing that sticks out to me is that the deck kinda makes my eyes hurt. kinda looks like wicker in spots. other than that awesome job. 5 stars!


Amazing work! Loads of detail bodies, blood, sparks, flac. Very nice keep it up


You made it very well! :slight_smile: Excelent work KoMic! see u next challenge!


This is a good composition! Liking it!


Yamato was indeed sunk at fight by airplanes. It is still on the bottom of the sea. If it would have been lifted, we would all remember it. The thing was 250 meters long.

The facts about Yamato can be found from Wikipedia

The ship was stunning, and the model does justice to that.


Great detail in this a huge effort love the bullet splashes


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