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I guess we can post Yafray questions here too, I imagine there will be a few yafray users around here…

I’ve just been getting to grips with Blender & Yafray, I’ve been trying to create a convincing glass material (blue-tinted glass in this case) I’ve not go it looking too bad, but caustics are presenting a problem. For some reason the caustics seem to not ‘get through’ - I’m beginning to wonder if its because the floor is slightly reflective. I’ve been offered some advice to shoot more photons, & lower the fixed radius etc etc. but nothing seems to work. Increasing the power of the photon emitter just seems to make the insides of the glass brighter…

Anyway, heres how the renders have come out, I’m aiming to get some caustic action happening in the glass’s shadow: (You may have to copy & paste the URL - if that still doesnt work, try putting a space after the url in the address line & hit enter)


you can have a look at the .blend file here:



I am not (yet) a yafray user, but I guess that a picture of your final render from yafray would help a lot.

Also, here on the texturing forum there is a question on the same subject (blue tinted glass) and Leigh gave some insides on how to make it look good.


Photon lamps can shoot exclusively either diffuse phtons (for color bleeding) or caustic photons. In yable you must choose “caustics” and complete the lightset with another lamp cause these lamps only shoot photons, they are not made to enligten all the scene.

To get a blue glass… herm how did I dooo…
i think you must put color to black and switch the transmitted color to bleuish…
The reflected color shouldn’t be very high, and i wouldn’t touch the max-refl value.

I’m not too sure so I’ll confirm during the week… unless some yafray dude passes around here.

www.yafray.org (they’ve got forums too, try to ask your question there if you still cannot acheive your glass)


PS, BTW, chris you’re server doesn’t allow direct linking…


Thanks guys, I’ve got the glass not looking too bad, its just the lack of caustics thats puzzling. I’ve got the photon emitter set to caustic, everything seems right - its bizarre.

to see the image, try clicking on this:


when it comes up with an error message, go to the address bar, add a space after the url & hit enter, that should load the image…


Your picture got me hooked :stuck_out_tongue:

It is difficult to get on the Yafray wagon? I mean, for someone without experience with external renderers. (I worked with a lot of RayTracying with TrueSpace 1.xx, but that was centuries ago)


aaaw Crap!! I just wrote a hefty ‘how to get Yafray working’ message & then accidently tapped this *&%#@@@ back button on this (**&%$ mouse!! :annoyed:

Yafray is not that hard to get to grips with. You need Yafray, the Yable script, & a little patience. Give it a go & if you run into any hassles, post some questions. It took me a bit of tweaking to get going, but its well worth it! :thumbsup:


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