Yacht, Sidewing (3D)


Thanks for all the remarks regarding the lighting issues of the image I posted. Hope this one is better!

Please let me know what you think. The first animation is done!


uhmmm… yikes!

that isn’t real?

looks awesome! :slight_smile:


oh man thats nice!


i didnt see any previous version of this but i think its all still a bit too bright nearly making the whole side of the yacht one white plane… turn it down a little bit maybe…

other than that very nice… good job on the waves and the wake…


the land mass in the upper left somewhat detracts from the composition. try adding some trees or rocks. otherwise it looks great!


Thanks guy’s for the nice responds!

I changed the lighting a little so that the hull looks less “overlit”.

Let me know if this is any better…



wow!..I would love to see wireframes for this…great work!


WOW! Looks almost completely real! I will put you in my will.You will get the disposable silverware thats left in the drawer when I die.


Thanks Sumpm1! I gladly take all your silverware…

Dear William,
Attached a wireframe of the yacht. The lower hull poly’s are based on what you see is what you get since I “froze” that part of the yacht in order to make the window-booleans work (you as LW user know what I mean…). The rest is level 3 of sub-D’s.




This one shows a zoomed-in version with the used Weight-maps.

I frequently use Weight-maps to decrease poly count.



something about the water or overall composition that keeps making me think it’s a remote controled boat. need something to compare it to get a sense of scale possibly. this is probably just me. possibly adding reflections to the boat? I wish i could comment further, but i’m not that skilled with scale right now.


Great job…very professional model you have there…you should send in one of the images to the LW gallery…


neee… I keep having to convince myself taht this isn’t a photo! :smiley: Great job! it all looks so real!


Thanks again!

I agree with that something should be added to show the size of the yacht. What about a booye (how do you spell that device that floots on the water?)?


great work! The first image I thought was a photo, then I saw the second one. IMHO the first one looks real. and u can tell the second one is CG. Nice use of weightmaps :applause:


holy crap… i thought some person posted a real picture in the first pic :smiley:

i was like “wtf is the guy thinking?” :smiley:

anyways, that work is beautiful… really cool and realistic :wink:

damn, u should do a tutorial :smiley:


Ok, all my complements were stated when you posted the first time, so this time I’ll just skip them… :slight_smile:

Always talking about the ship itself, assuming you’re resriously aiming for photoreal, I’m affraid you’re still off. It still seems a bit overlit, and the shaded area seems underlit (and I don’t think I’m affected by lack of fine detail when I say this). IMO of course…

What is this shot meant for? Maybe you’ve pushed it as far as it needs to go…?



Off to the front page with you. I clicked on the thumbnail thinking “no way… there’s just no way.” The first image is definitely more photoreal IMO (though less so than just that thumbnail!) Agree about the landmass in the back, though it looks quite good as well. But you might want to just lose it and have nice water only. No reason to add extraneous stuff to detract from the high quality of the most important part of the image, again very much IMO. I am sincerely looking forward to the animation and to your next project! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


How was the water itself made? I think the most noticeable CG artifacts here are where the boat meets the water. To me it looks like a real boat substituted for a very nice CG boat in a photograph in Photoshop. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, it would be a great compositing job.

[edit] After reading the original thread I think I’m wrong but it’s good if John explains his method anyway.


i love the wake how does it animated ?? any chance of seeing the animation ?