XVLTR, Daniel Arnold-Mist (3D)


Title: XVLTR
Name: Daniel Arnold-Mist
Country: China
Software: Maya

I dont usually return to a piece once it’s completed… However I felt this piece lacked the work it deserved.

I improved many aspects of the picture (smoke/colour/detail/resolution) and hopfully it has made it better. Let me know what you think.

Comments and crits welcome



Great contrast between the character and the background. Great job.


Awesome model, and cool composition. The only thing I would say is that the pose could probably be pushed a little bit more adding more to the silhouette, you want that negative space around where the left arm comes out towards the camera, possibly just rotating the camera would help it out. Also the smoke looks a bit too even I guess. It just seems like the little peaks of smoke are all about the same size and very evenly spaces like along the head and the back of the leg, you may want to try to vary it more, I’m not sure if thats what you were going for artistically though. this piece reminds me of Richard Marchand’s work.
Great work, keep it up.


As I said before, front page stuff. Not sure which I prefer, like the color more on this one and the detail is more prominent.

Great work, great composition.


this is awsome. meats meier would be proud lol.


haha yeah he would. when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was one of Meat’s artwork


good modeling + good texturing = great work.


Yup, Meats is a great inspiration of mine :smiley:

However I hope I have a different style, many of Meats’ earlier works used the same technique as used here, and if your going to get inspiration from anybody, do so from the best! :thumbsup:

Thank you for the kind comments.


High res:


great detail… 5 star
can you show wire ?


hmm, kinda crazy showing wires as it just looks like a mangled mess of polygons, however here you go!



Fantastic image! I looked up the first one as well … excellent work!

I’m fascinated by this method of modeling … or is it texturing? I’m at a loss as to how this is done. Would you be so kind as to explain? Is it a displacement or opacity mapping or did you actually model each and every spline that makes up the caging effect? And if the latter how do you keep the “form” in perspective while modeling?

Thanks - again, great image!



it would be funny if meats replies to this thread and gives his council :slight_smile:
i like this work, though [just like Industrial said] smoke effects look too generic and have almost the same shape. also the wires on his back look too simple when compared to the rest of the body!


very detailed, nice work, meats meier to the T


excellent work- great modeling, understanding of the human figure and render!
5 stzars from me!


Amazing patiently modeling, great work…


Hi all, thank you for all the comments,

Daf: It is all modeled however there is a technique to flow with the geometry, first you model a full base mesh of the character (or whatever you want) then by clicking the “make live” tab in maya it turns green. Now by using the curve tool you can “paint” curves directly onto the mesh. The you can extrude along this path, making the tube effect. The internal skeleton was modeled from scratch, not really very visable on this image, but there is alot going on inside the body too. Hope this helps. All together I think it was around 3 million polys. However it is broken into sections so is easily animated.

Miezis; That would be interesting to see, lol. And an honour.

Veljko: Cheers, reference is a must! Luckily my wife is the result of this one, the face included was based on reference photos taken of her. Plus it gets me in the good books having a picture based on her published!!!

Cheers to all



hi great work pal th e detailg is amazing i only find the eye can be made more detailed


Great job. Detail is awesome. The only thing that is a little confusing for me is the left arm. Because of the angle the forearm and hand looks non existent…


Really good work:thumbsup:


fantastic imigination + fantastic designing + fantastic …